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Review: Transcend Drive Pro 520

If you are looking for a real high quality camera to use as a dashcam, the best choice is in the form of Transcend Drive Pro 520. The LED in the camera illuminates the interior of the car and that is going to assist in the recording of the interior scenes of the car. The purpose of the camera is to record the internal scenes of the car and that is well performed by the recent camera from Transcend.

Transcend is the company, based in Taiwan, famous for manufacturing SD cards. The pro series of the company has been a great presentation in the media world, with some awesome supports. The front camera of the latest series presentation is 1080 pixel and there is also a rear camera of 720 pixels.

The basic thing that is needed in the cars is the infrared LED light. There are four such lights in the latest transcend drive pro 520, making it one of the top products in the market. If you want to check the video output of the device, you can check the same from the YouTube videos.

The video quality of the front camera is excellent both at night and during the day time. The rear camera’s quality is good in the day and fair enough in the night, even when all the lights inside are off. The quality of the video is always excellent, although the night video is available in black and white, especially due to the effect of infrared.

The rear camera can be rotated in 180 different angles. These features have been enacted to support the enforced law in some of the states, where conversation of passengers cannot be noted, since that is their confidential talk. In addition to the recordings and the featured cameras, there is a screen attached to the camera as well.

This will help the device to work with Wi-Fi connections. Android and iOS apps are there to operate the device remotely too. So get this app and make the device easy to be handled. The device can be loaded with 32 GB memory card. This can record a complete 4 hours’ video both from front camera and from rear camera.

The Transcend Drive Pro 520 is undoubtedly the best sadhcam available till date, having decent quality video both for forward and back and day and night. Available cams in market offer poor video with low resolutions. With key features like Wi-Fi, GPS, and solid build quality, this cam is definite yes for people who prefer to keep eye on passengers plus on road.

So, consider this device and get the ultimate support in all possible ways. If we need to point any drawback in this device then it is its price which is slightly on the higher side than its competitors in the market.

Price: $226

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