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Facebook Introduces Online Courses for Journalists

Facebook has launched Facebook’s online training for journalists, free e-learning courses “inspired by conversations with editors and journalists across the globe.” According to the company, these editors and journalists asked for a single destination where they cloud learn about Facebook’s products, tools and services for use in their work.

The courses will be available through Blueprint, Facebook’s global training program, and will focus on the three core pillars of the news cycle: discovering content, creating stories, and building an audience. “Each module contains best practices and guidelines from Facebook, but also draws heavily on great journalist case studies which we hope will inspire tens of thousands of other journalists,” said the company in a statement.

Courses available at launch will include ‘How Journalists Can Best Utilize Facebook and Instagram’, along with product courses on Facebook Live, 360 videos & photos, and Instant Articles. Facebook also plans to include other languages, including developing an Arabic version, in 2017. In addition, Facebook will also commence a series of webinars on the site which will be tailored to journalists who are both new and old to Facebook.

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