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LG to Show Off ProBeam at CES 2017

LG is all set to launch its first ever compact laser projector, at next month’s CES 2017. “As a leader in LED projectors worldwide, LG is confident its expertise in the home entertainment sector will make its first compact laser projector a hit with consumers,” LG Electronics USA head of product marketing Tim Alessi said in a statement. “LG is proud to continue pioneering the home cinema experience in dynamic new ways.”

The LG ProBeam has the characteristic of the advanced laser engine that gives it the ability to project up to 2,000 lumens of brightness. It also features the “smart” functionality, that often found in TVs but not in any projectors.  The ProBeam also has a more table-friendly vertical build in place of that wide and horizontal frame and weighs around 2-kgs.

The ProBeam also uses LG’s webOS software. It can be seen in the company’s smart TVs to ensure you won’t be without the usual staples of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and whatnot. LG hasn’t mentioned prices yet. It also appears that the ProBeam is being marketed for home and leisure use, which could lead to a more consumer-level price – but that’s not a guarantee.

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