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Hawk-i Service Launched to Manage and Monitor Online VIP Reputations

Managed FZ LLC has announced today the launch of its new VIP reputation threat monitoring service, Hawk-i. This service, now generally available, has been monitoring and protecting high-profile VIPs reputation and identities online since 2014, “using sophisticated and proprietary search tools and expert human analysis,” said the company.

The online presence of VIPs, prominent public figures, celebrities and senior business leaders are under constant attack from fraudsters, phishers, pranksters, and social media hijackers. These criminals use the large amounts of personal information on highly visible VIP social media accounts, and use them for many devious actions – including tricking their employees, followers and acquaintances, to click on malware, creating fake accounts that then damage the reputation of the VIPs with inappropriate content, takeover said-VIP accounts and put out damaging content, or use content from these accounts without permission from the VIP owners, for their own gains.

The Hawk-i service constantly monitors the brand reputation risk of personal social media profiles of VIPs, companies, and prominent figures. The Hawk-i system goes out to various social media sites and crawls them, looking for any similarly-named profiles, any of which could be fake or fraudulent. The contents of these accounts are checked against the verified VIP accounts.

A threat level is then assigned to the discovered accounts, and further actions including takedowns, are then taken as necessary. Hawk-i also monitors for unauthorized association of images and names of VIPs on various websites, domains that contain the names of the VIPs, and mentions on blogs and news sites.

All suspicious data is reviewed by Managed’s in-house analysts, who evaluate every account and post manually to verify the legitimacy and threat level of the content. Once the data is reviewed, and a threat score is given, the data is uploaded to a comprehensive dashboard, which shows clients focused real-time information and any new alerts. All of this is monitored 24x7x365 from Managed’s Dubai-based NOC/SOC.

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