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Nvidia Fanboy Murders AMD Fan, Jailed for 9.5 Years

We all know how fanboys behave. However, this seems to be an extreme case. A 31-year-old Russian manager Alexander Trofimov, who is also a dedicated fan of graphics card manufacturer Nvidia, murdered his 37-year-old friend Yevgeny Lyulin during a heated argument about AMD’s products.

Trofimov was found guilty of the murder earlier this month and will face nine and a half years in jail. The alcohol-fuelled incident happened on September 16th, 2016. Trovimov went to visit the victim, Lyulin, as part of a professional holiday. The pair had worked together before some years before and were meeting as professional acquaintances.

During the evening, the conversation between the two eventually turned to their favourite graphics cards. Lyulin praised AMD’s graphics chips, saying their workstation cards in particular were great for professional graphics modeling. Trofimov disagreed, instead suggesting Nvidia GeForce is the true gamers’ choice. Taking offence at Lyulin’s opinion, Trofimov struck him twice in the head with a kitchen knife before stabbing him a further 11 times. He then burned the body in an effort to cover his tracks.

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