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Secure Your Smartphones in 9 Steps

Nothing seems to be untouched in this age of computing, cyber-threats are even threating the users of smart devices particularly smartphone, which is become prone to hacking and data loss much more than ever before. Amit Roy, the Vice President and Regional Head for EMEA at Paladion suggests 9 simple steps you can follow to keep your device and data safe:
1. Set up a Passcode lock
On most modern devices you’ll be using your fingerprint to unlock the device in 98% of regular usage – so do not worry about the code being too long.
2. Encrypt the storage
Most modern devices have the ability to encrypt phone storage.
3. Set up remote wipeMost mobile devices support this functionality
It is as easy as setting up iCloud on your iPhone or Google Sync on your Android device.
4. Be suspicious of free download offers
Clicking on these could activate a computer virus.
5. Buy applications from a trusted source
Buying apps from a trusted app store rather than from third-party sources. It’s hard to know what those third-parties’ true motivations are.
6. All devices should have anti-virus software
This protects the device from malware that comes with an app that’s downloaded.
7. Never “jailbreak” or “root” a mobile device
Malware can infiltrate if the walled garden of the device is broken down because the user has manipulated the device’s factory-installed operating system.
8. Activate your update alerts immediately
rather than opt for “remind me later”. These updates patch up security holes so that evolving cyber-pathogens do not gain entry.
9. Wi-Fi in public is not secure
If it is not secure, do not use it. If you really want to use the connection, connect to the network through a VPN service, which will encrypt all data sent and received.

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