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Social App Play:Date Launched

Play:Date, a social application for children, launched in the UAE market this Mother’s Day, on 21 March 2017. The application is a platform to build a child’s social circle with children of similar ages and interests in their neighbourhood, with featured offers and rewards for the family.

“As part of our ongoing global strategy, we decided to launch our application in the UAE, one of the safest capitals of the world. We know being a parent is expensive, and aim to bring together parents and children with similar interests while offering exciting deals and offers to sweeten their experience,” commented Shamim Kassibawi, Co-founder of Play:Date.


The application engages parents with other parents, based on the interests and personalities of their children, to facilitate social development in babies and toddlers whist expanding the parent’s network within the community. It is also a platform for relevant brands to reach out to this niche audience.

Dr. Sarah Rasmi, Psychologist and Professor at United Arab Emirates University added, “Play dates are important for children’s development because they teach children a number of important skills, including sharing, cooperation, problem-solving, and empathy. They are an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents, has a number of benefits, including a sense of community and social support.”

Play:Date is available for download on Apple iOS in the UAE and is set to expand globally.

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