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Linkedin Intros Linkedin Video on Mobile App

LinkedIn has announced that LinkedIn members will now be able to record, upload, and post native videos directly from the LinkedIn mobile app. The latest feature enables members to share their professional knowledge and insights, and to start conversations through the power of video.

With the addition of native video in the feed, LinkedIn is creating an easier way for members to record and post immersive, rich videos, adding even more original video content in the Feed. The ability to create videos in the feed gives members another medium to share perspective and start conversations with others. In turn, this has the potential to create new opportunities – for example, getting the attention of a recruiter by sharing smart insights about current industry news or connecting with someone that can give potential job seekers advice.

The professional context creates an experience that is unique to LinkedIn. The best use cases for videos on LinkedIn speak to the professional topics that the members care about – for example, sharing perspectives from an industry event, giving insights on breaking news, walking through a product demo a demo or teaching others a skill.

How does it work?
You now have the option to record a video or upload an existing video by going to the share box and tapping the video icon directly from the iOS and Android app. From there, simply select the video tile to start recording, or upload a video from your camera roll. Once you’re ready to post, add a caption and post directly to your feed. Coming soon, you’ll also be able to upload videos from desktop.

As part of the new feature, you’ll be able to see how many likes, shares, comments and views you have for each video, as well as demographic insights such as the top companies, titles, and locations of your viewers.

When and where will this be available?
LinkedIn is rolling out the ability to record and post videos to all members globally – if you don’t have it yet, you will soon. The ability to view and engage with videos is available to all global members.