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Samsung’s Note 8 AD Features an Apple Fanboy Switching to an Android

There used to be a time when smartphone brands would take subtle digs at each other through their various ads. But it looks like those days are gone as they would take outright potshots at their competitors. The recent release of the iPhone X has “inspired” Samsung to create a TV ad showing a “loyal” Apple user over the years seeing how Galaxy products seem so much better compared to his, until the inevitable, spoiler alert, switching over to the “light side”.

The ad is entitled “Growing Up” and it features a flashback to 2007 when the iPhone was first released and somehow revolutionized the smartphone industry. The guy keeps lining up to buy the latest iPhone. But as the years pass by, he meets a woman who we assume becomes his girlfriend and it compares how her Galaxy devices have better features than his iPhones. Year after year we see him seemingly get dissatisfied with his device while silently admiring his girl’s smartphones. And of course, the end shows him finally switching to the Galaxy Note 8. Check out the video below:

The ad shows how Galaxy devices have hardware features that are superior to iPhones, like having water resistance and wireless charging way before Apple thought of bringing those things to their devices. Samsung’s 2017 devices are also shown to still have the 3.5mm jack, which iPhone ditched with their iPhone 7, and which some people find pretty annoying.

The last few seconds of the video show him finally getting the Galaxy Note 8 and not even having to line up for anything. When he passes by the usual line for the latest iPhone, this time the iPhone X, he looks at the people and shakes his head. Not subtle at all, but it is a pretty interesting ad. Well, if you’re a Samsung fan, that is.

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