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eSports Has Increased the Appetite for PC Gaming

George Rouppas, the Head of Computing Category at HP Middle East

Review Central speaks to George Rouppas, the Head of Computing Category at HP Middle East, about their participation at the inaugural Games Con

George Rouppas, the Head of Computing Category at HP Middle East

How was your participation at the inaugural Games Con in Abu Dhabi?
HP’s participation at the inaugural Games Con in Abu Dhabi was a tremendous success with the OMEN by HP booth welcoming visitors from across the GCC region throughout all three days of the event. The excitement brought by the gaming community for this kind of events has elevated to new heights, and we had the opportunity to interact with our customers and listen to their gaming needs.

Which products and games did you showcase at the event?
At the event, we showcased our latest portfolio of OMEN by HP desktops and laptops. Visitors at the booth were treated to a hands-on experience of the complete OMEN lineup that were available at the HP display and demo zones. The OMEN lineup included OMEN X Desktop, OMEN by HP 15 and OMEN by HP 17 laptops and OMEN Desktop Tower, as well as OMEN gaming monitors and the latest selection of OMEN gaming accessories.

Which products and games from your portfolio were the most in demand among the attendees?
While all of our OMEN products received good attention from booth visitors, one of them in popular demand was the OMEN X Desktop. Designed for gaming from the ground up, this desktop provides powerful gaming and innovative cooling to easily take on the latest AAA games, even at the highest settings. The Omen X Desktop comes in a galvanized steel case that was designed for unprecedented upgradability with industry standard components and a spacious, chambered interior.

In addition, the OMEN by HP 15 and OMEN by HP 17 laptops were well received by gamers and visitors because of their new designs and features that provide the fully immersive experience desired by today’s gaming population. Both laptops are equipped to ensure gamers can play the latest titles on-the-go and in any environment, and are available with a wide range of options designed to deliver performance, optimize the gaming experience and enhance gameplay.

How has PC gaming evolved over the years?
The evolution of PC gaming has gone a long way and has been positively impacted by the continued rise of eSports and competitive gaming.  Today, gamers demand optimal and configurable desktop-level performance to deliver the best frame rates and responsiveness to beat the competition.

They have also developed an appetite for devices that doesn’t compromise performance for mobility. In light of this, HP continues to study how gamers compete at the highest levels in order to develop the ideal gaming machine that responds to their needs. This includes the elements of delivering high-end components, advanced thermal solutions, fast and responsive displays and software tools that help them push their gaming hardware to the limit.

Is there enough VR content for gamers to justify investing in VR equipment now or should they wait a bit more?
VR content in games is continuing to increase. In the gaming industry, we are starting to see more gaming developers incorporate VR elements in their upcoming game titles in response to the growing demand from consumers for a more immersive gameplay experience.

For gamers, this should be a good time to invest in VR equipment especially with an influx of new gaming titles that are VR-enabled, coming to market early next year. At HP, we ensure that our gamers can take full advantage by offering the VR backpack to be used with our OMEN lineup.

The VR backpack provides free movement during gameplay and a truly immersive, untethered experience. It also comes equipped with full docking capabilities and swappable batteries that enable extended VR sessions without the need to shut down the PC.

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