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The Dubai Safari is Now Open to Public for Free for Two Weeks

UAE’s much-awaited Dubai Safari is now open to the public on trial basis. As an introductory offer, the Dubai Safari is offering free entries to everyone for two week. The park is expected to be open fully to public in the month of January 2018.

The Dubai Park is being dubbed to be Dubai’s premier eco-friendly project and a landmark entertainment destination. The project aims to create the best wildlife center in the world. The site was covered from a building waste dump to a tourist attraction.

The park has four main Villages – the Arabian Safari Village, the Asian village, the Safari Village, the African Village, and the Wadi area. Animal exhibitions are distributed among the different villages according to their natural geographical distribution.

Visitors to the park can either enjoy Dubai Safari on foot, or by using various environmentally friendly means of transport, such as trams and bicycles, as well as electrical powered cars to ensure a unique experience for all visitors. The park boasts of more than 200 different species of trees that are distributed among various “villages” accordingly. The Dubai Safari is maintained by the Dubai Municipality.

The Arabian Safari Village exhibits animals that are distributed based on the geographical landform in the Arabian region with three different environments. This starts with  desert land, followed by rocky mountains, moving onto meadows land, displaying different animals, each according to its environment. The visitors experience the tour between different exhibits in an internal train, moving them in a typical Arabian environment with different types of plants that have been carefully selected to match this region.

The Kids Farm area is one of the main educational and entertaining attractions in the park, which reflects the traditional characters of petting farms. It includes sheds and stables for different farm animals such as horses, sheep, goats, chickens, cows, and so on.

Here, families can enjoy special activities with their children of all ages, such as feeding the animals, pony riding, milking cows, collecting eggs, besides open shaded areas that allow children to interact with animals in their own Habitat.

The Asian Village has been designed to mimic the architectural style of the East Asian regions with themed buildings and dense trees. This gives the visitor an opportunity to enjoy watching animals in a special walk-through experience. The village contains different animal exhibits that live in this region of the world. In addition to distinctive selection of Asian trees and plants that provide a suitable environment for the animals.

The Open Safari Zone is a special experience where visitors are transferred between different immersive exhibits through air conditioned Jeep cars, allowing the visitors to enjoy close animal encounters watching different natural behaviours for the animals. In this village, visitors can also experience various interesting elements during their visit to the Safari zone like the open theatre, which offers special birds and reptile’s shows, besides feeding the giraffes and elephants, and watching hippos from under water.

The African Village is one of the most important villages in the Park, in terms of size and different events. It features African patterns on all buildings so that the visitor feels like they are in the heart of the African continent with all its bright colors. The village divided into two main areas; the African Savannah, and African Rainforest, where animals and plants are divided by regions.

The main Plaza is home for all facilities and restaurants of the village. In this village, 20 different animals are being exhibited, along with huge Reptiles and Amphibians building that hosts a huge number of reptiles that live in the African continent. Shaded walkways and cooled viewing shelters enable visitors to enjoy walk between various animal exhibits in summer. The village will be home to different African performances that would reflect the African culture, increasing entertainment level for visitors.

The Wadi area is the main recreational and entertainment part of the Park, as it offers a great scenery for families walking along the water stream and different relaxation areas with a wide range of facilities such as restaurants and cafeterias on either sides of the stream and at the fishpond, besides the adventure park for different age groups. People will be offered a chance to encounter various birds and some small loose animals in the Wadi increasing their entertainment level.

Once the park is fully open in January 2018, tickets can be bought separately for the African, Arabian and Asian villages or for the Open Safari village for AED 20 for children and AED 50 for adults. You can also purchase an all-access ticket to all four parks for the discounted rate of AED 30 for children and AED 85 for adults.

Children under three, adults over 60 and those with special needs will be granted free entry. The park’s opening hours during the soft opening phase will be from 9 am to 9 pm, with the Safari Village Trip operating from 9 am to 6 pm. The Dubai Safari is located at Al Warqa 5, opposite The Farm, near Dragon Mart.

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