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How to enjoy World Cup more securely

Harish Chib

With one of the world’s biggest sporting event, the football World Cup underway in Russia, and the demand from fans about anything their favourite teams or players zooms into stratosphere that exposes them to the world of cybercriminals, who love to take advantage of them in one way or the other. Considering the vulnerability of the fans during these days, the Vice President for Middle East & Africa for Sophos, Harish Chib, suggests some tips how to enjoy the football world cup more securely:

1.Do not click on links in emails, texts, instant messaging or social media posts if they come from people or organisations you don’t know, or have suspicious or unusual addresses

2.It is better to install a reliable security solution with up-to-date databases of malicious and phishing sites

3.Avoid using public Wi-Fi

4.Watch broadcasts only on official FIFA partner websites. Some of the many match-streaming services are bound to be unofficial and out to infect visitors with a Web miner or something even nastier. Make sure you don’t take any chances: Install a solution with built-in Web anti-virus and anti-phishing capabilities

5.If you are going to Russia, use a VPN to connect to the Internet. In the aftermath of the government’s attempt to block Telegram, many popular sites in Russia are either unavailable or unstable. To avoid the anguish of not being able to post a selfie of your grinning face against the backdrop of your team’s goal celebration, get connected to a VPN in advance.

6.Evaluate modern email protection services, such as anti-phishing, URL protection or detonation, spoofing protection, and user activity profiles for unusual or out-of-policy activities.

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