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HONOR optimizes smartphone performance with Bluetooth technology

HONOR, the leading smartphone e-brand, brings an all-new enhanced Bluetooth technology with launch of its latest HONOR 20 series to provide an optimized smartphone experience to its consumers.

With the self-developed Hi1103 wireless chipset, the HONOR 20 series smartphones can intelligently identify environmental factors and the strength of the Bluetooth signal, thus automatically adjusting the response of the smartphone. At its optimal performance, the HONOR 20 smartphones can achieve a steady connection with devices that are 200 meters apart.

“We are delighted to provide our consumers with HONOR’s brand-new high-speed Bluetooth connectivity which tackles the transmission process of Bluetooth signals. With this enhanced and high-speed Bluetooth function, HONOR has a significant advantage over other smartphones providing a steady connection despite obstructions. We aim to provide our consumers with the ultimate performance and features by offering technological enhancements that are unique and make our product indispensable”, said Chris Sunbaigong, President, HONOR, MEA.

The HONOR 20 Series also uses the world-leading HiSilicon Bluetooth chip and optimal antenna design for Bluetooth receptivity which ensures that usage is not affected even when it is met with headphones with lower transmission power.

Relevant indicators of the HONOR 20 enhanced Bluetooth strictly comply with the international standard of electromagnetic wave SAR proving to be safe, secure and harmless to human health concerns. Lastly, HONOR 20 has also designed a detection mechanism through copious consumer behavior analysis and is capable of intelligently identifying usage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to balance out between the two.

Earlier this year, the launch of HONOR 10i featured an easy Bluetooth connection with an option of connecting with three devices. As well the Bluetooth mode of HONOR View 20 packed in the best wireless sound quality accompanied with compatible headphones and other intelligent wearables.

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