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Sharjah Book Authority organises a 12-day arts workshop

The Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) organised a 12-day arts production workshop to nurture and enable the talents of Emirati illustrators to qualify for participation at the upcoming Bologna International Children’s Book Fair in April 2020.

The workshop titled ‘Illustration is the second script’ is part of SBA’s workshop series. Egyptian artist, Waleed Tahir, led this workshop overseeing the creative output of participating artists who were assigned the creation of illustrations based on the narratives of children’s stories, which will be featured in children’s books.

The first three days of the workshop witnessed a comprehensive brainstorming session, which formed the basis for the illustrative activity that was focused on narrating the storylines offered to the illustrators, and their objective was to visually describe the written script. The artists chose various topics, creative directions as well as raw illustration materials to be used in the stories, which were all evaluated by experts.

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