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Review: Lenovo Yoga C930

Slim, stylish and attractive-that’s the Lenovo Yoga C930. A two-in-one laptop and the follow-up to the popular Yoga 920, the first thing you notice apart from its super smooth, steel-grey finish, is that it  sports a 360-degree sound bar hinge that makes it possible to convert it from a laptop into a tablet. (The tablet mode is heavier than the laptop mode, so we reckon the latter might be preferred for frequent use).

There is a set of downward-firing speakers at the front edge of the keyboard, to boost overall sound. What this means is that whatever position you use the screen in, you are guaranteed clear audio. Considering that it’s rare for a laptop to have good speakers, this one’s a total stunner.

That’s not all. A pre-installed Dolby Atmos app allows you to accurately tune in to the audio you’d like to listen to-movies, games, music or voice. It also lets you set up three personal profiles, or set it to dynamic and let the software do its magic. This is where the Yoga C930 stands out from its competitors: The Atmos app adds totally cool effects to normal audio. You’d still need speakers or headphones for the ultimate bass, but this one comes close. For your daily dose of music or videos, though, this is more than sufficient.The Yoga C930 comes with an active stylus that its makers say has 4,096 pressure sensitive points and charges in its pocket located at the back right side of the body. The highlight: It is always paired and ready to be used. The pen is comfortable to hold, but short and thin, so using it for long could make your fingers uncomfortable. Still, having a charged pen ready at hand, is convenient, so one can’t really complain.

Another delightful feature is the privacy shutter that slides to block the webcam and give users that much-needed privacy. You can also mute the mic with a key or shut it down completely, allowing you to focus on your work, without additional sights or sounds. The webcam itself isn’t much to speak of, however, for infrequent users, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

These are, perhaps, the biggest design changes between the Yoga C930 and its predecessor. The C930 fits easily into a big bag although it is a little hefty at 14.5 millimeters thickness and around 3 pounds in weight. With a screen measuring 13.3 inches, it has a pleasant interface for both work and personal use. However, the brightness is around 300 nits, which is to say that if you wish to work outside in the sun, you might have to struggle with reflections, so it is best used indoors.The backlit keyboard is comfortable, with bouncy keys and a gentle, precise touch. It features a fingerprint reader to the right of the touchpad that allows you to sign in easily.

The C930 has all its ports on the left side. There is no direct video output like HDMI or an SD card slot, however, the system has two Thunderbird 3 USB-C ports that powers it and allows fast charging, not to mention data transfers upto 40Gbps. A standard USB 3.0 port supports always-on charging so you can keep your phone or electronic device charged even when the computer is off.

Like its predecessor, the C930 is available with Intel’s eighth-gen Core i-series processors, either a 1.6GHz Core i5-8250U or a 1.8GHz Core i7-8550U. However, you need to buy the memory you need upfront, though, as it is inbuilt and can’t be expanded. The SSD can be upgraded, though.

Gaming fans please note, this system isn’t designed for heavy duty graphics or games. However, casual games are possible if you play at low detail settings.

Coming to battery life, it is pretty impressive, at around 10 and a half hours. This basically means you can work all day, off and on, for eight hours, without worrying about charging. We can’t vouch for heavy, non-stop work, this will depend on use, and also the kind of display.

Our verdict: An impressive piece, by all means a stunner packed with features, design and cutting edge technology. Feels very quick with good performance overall.

Price: AED 5,999.00

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