Deezer goes Live with Dark Mode

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Deezer goes Live with Dark Mode

Following the introduction of the dark mode feature for Android users last month, Deezer, the global music streaming service, has now also made the option available to iOS and desktop app users. The most sought-after feature from Deezer fans around the world gives users the freedom to switch from their normal light music player to a dark grey background.

Given that Deezer users listen to music on average 30 minutes each night, the new dark mode feature can be easily turned on or off through the display settings to match each user’s preference. Dark mode offers users a number of benefits, including reduced digital eye strain in poor light and improved text readability.

While dark mode can be beneficial in the evening, some users may prefer a dimmer background in daylight hours to assist their reading experience or provide a better night’s sleep.

Dark mode users can also customize their visual experience by choosing an all-over dark background or keep the colorful version that is also available on bright mode. Users that choose to keep the vibrant background will notice the color dynamically change to match the artwork of every track that is being played.

Free and Premium users can access Dark Mode on their mobile devices and on the Deezer website by simply heading to Settings, Display Settings and selecting Dark Mode. Within their settings, iOS users can also change the color of their Deezer app icon from the default white to dark.