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Tips for choosing a Vlogging Camera and Creating Stunning Vlogs

DJI, the world’s leading hand-held stabilizers and gimbal brand shares top tips for choosing a Vlogging camera and creating stunning Vlogs. 

What Is a Vlogging Camera?
Any camera can be used for vlogging, but equipment can vary depending on the user’s style and requirements. A smartphone is small, portable, and always in your pocket, while high-end mirrorless cameras offer better image quality. DJI makes vlogging easy – especially with the Osmo series, providing an excellent range of stabilized systems.

​Choosing a Vlogging Camera
Whether you’re just getting into vlogging, or you’re an experienced vlogger looking to upgrade your equipment, choosing a camera is an important decision to make. The vlogging camera marketplace can be a headache to navigate through with so many options and questions to consider. What camera resolution do I need? Do I need stabilization? Can I use my smartphone for vlogging?

Image Quality
A key thing to consider is whether you need to record your vlog in 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (UHD). With more people buying 4K-capable monitors and TVs, vlogging in 4K can help future-proof your videos, ensuring they are clear for years to come. Vlogging in 4K also allows you to crop the video during the editing process, which opens up your creative potential even further. This gives the effect of a close-up camera angle, when in reality you’ve just zoomed in on a wide-angle shot.

Stabilization is extremely important for your vlog quality and your viewers’ experience. Essentially, this technique refers to methods that eliminate any shaking during the recording process. Gimbal stabilization, not to be confused with electronic image stabilization (EIS), is increasingly used by filmmakers to create smooth footage. This method often employs a 3-axis gimbal, which contains a system of brushless motors that correct the movement of the camera.

In 2019, vlogging has never been more accessible, and we can easily fit a 4K stabilized camera inside our pockets. Portability is down to personal choice, whether you prefer a smaller, more packable device or a larger, more powerful imaging setup.

Microphone Input
​Everyone in the vlogging game will tell you that high-quality audio can transform an ordinary vlog into a professional, sleek production. Built-in microphones usually offer a lower audio quality when compared to an external microphone that is connected to the camera’s mic input. Using an external microphone for your vlogs improves the audio quality and reduces the noise created by the wind. When you buy a vlogging camera, make sure the built-in mic is of decent quality, or, make sure there is a 3.5mm audio jack for external microphone use.

Low-Light Performance
​This factor is particularly important if you’re often vlogging at night, indoors, or generally shooting in low-light conditions. Although smartphone sensors have significantly improved, DSLR and mirrorless image sensors typically offer better low-light performance.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Wi-Fi connectivity helps you to quickly transfer your videos to your smartphone so that you can upload them to social media. Wi-Fi connectivity is also very useful for livestreaming, giving vloggers the ability to stream directly to their chosen platform and connect additional accessories such as monitoring devices, gimbals, and a follow focus

DJI Products for Vlogging

Osmo Pocket
Osmo Pocket features a 4K/60fps camera and a 3-axis stabilized gimbal in a device smaller than a modern smartphone. The combination of image quality, portability, and functionality helps you to transform your footage into beautiful cinematic scenes.

With a new FaceTrack function, vloggers can automatically track and follow their every action when facing the camera. A built-in touchscreen also gives vloggers the ability to change the focus manually. The Universal Port allows vloggers to expand their creativity with a range of accessories.

Osmo Pocket can also be connected to your phone for expanded filming, editing, viewing, and sharing options. Every vlogger will be amazed at how capable Osmo Pocket is!

Osmo Mobile 3
Osmo Mobile 3 is DJI’s first foldable gimbal, offering great portability, single-handed control, and intelligent features for vloggers. This handheld smartphone gimbal is lighter than its predecessor, comes with a foldable tripod grip, and can be balanced very easily. This new smartphone gimbal also allows vloggers to quickly alternate between portrait and landscape mode with just a tap of the M button. Gesture Control is another new feature which grants vloggers the ability to start recording with simple gestures. Osmo Mobile 3 combines all these great features with DJI Mimo, giving users multiple creative templates and cinematic features at the touch of a button.

The company is running a special promotion until September 22, on Osmo Pocket and Osmo Action, which are available at a discounted rate online and retail stores. Additionally, customers who purchase an Osmo Pocket can enjoy a discount on the Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit.

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