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Samsung’s new QLED 8K TV is available for pre-order

Be among the first in the UAE to own a TV that can meet your every need, Samsung’s spectacular Q950 QLED 8K TV is now available for pre-orders until 25 April on Samsung e-store (www.samsung.com) as well as on major retailer’s online platforms.Available in sizes from 65, 75 and 85 inches, the Q950TS QLED 8K TV, is the first TV in the industry to feature surround sound audio, Real 8K resolution and a stunning, ultra-thin form factor.

Mustafa Sadick, Head of Visual Display division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, says “As more customers are spending time at home – they want to enjoy experiences that allow them to feel like they’re in the heart of the action when playing games, viewing a favorite movie, or a front row seat when watching the big game. The new, flagship Q950TS QLED 8K TV features unprecedented immersive capabilities and smart features that empower consumers to pursue their passions more simply and more comprehensively than ever before.”

What do you consider important when watching the TV at home? Vivid picture and sound quality on your TV as if you were inside the action. The 2020 QLED 8K flagship combines cutting-edge picture and sound innovations with premium designs to offer unparalleled viewing. The best-in-class features include:

1. Infinity Screen: The Q950TS practically eliminates the bezel around the display to create a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 percent, the largest in the market. When watching from about ten or fifteen feet away, consumers encounter a stunning Infinity Screen effect where the bezels seem to disappear. In addition, the Q950TS is only 15 millimeters thin across the entire display. In combination with a completely flat black panel, the Q950 can lay flush against the wall or create a striking silhouette when placed on a media stand.

When you are playing games on your TV, The Q950TS offers an Ultra-Viewing Angle while the bezel-less design display as much of the game as possible – offering players exceptionally dynamic and seamless gameplay during any scene.

2. Real 8K Resolution: The 2020 QLED 8K flagship reflects Samsung’s commitment to leading the industry in the implementation, adoption, and playback of Real 8K resolution. At the same time, the QLED 8K lineup is among the first in the industry to support the playback of native 8K content.

The Q950TS’ next-generation Quantum Processor 8K features improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) upscaling capabilities that use machine learning to analyze and identify the characteristics of individual pixels. It then restores different elements of the image to create a pristine 8K picture, regardless of the content source.

3. Enhanced Sound Performance: When watching dramas or movies, realistic sound is as important as picture quality. Hence, the Q950TS delivers some of the best TV audio on the market. It features speakers on every side of the display, as well as sub-woofers in the back. When combined with Object Tracking Sound+, which uses AI-based software to match the movement of audio sound with the movement of objects on the screen, the Q950TS can deliver crisp and clear 5.1 channel surround-sound.Let’s say you are watching movies or streaming videos on demand, AI technology adjusts the sound to make sure the lines are communicated clearly and you experience the dialogue as the actual characters would. With sports matches, AI will increase the background sound to deliver the liveliness of the actual game. With this tailored sound adjustment scene by scene, audiences can enjoy the best sound quality for any genre of content.

What’s more, the Q950TS also leverages the power of AI to ensure that nothing keeps users from enjoying the full potential of their content. A common issue for consumers streaming content is the speed of their internet connection. AI ScaleNet ensures a smooth streaming connection by optimizing the available network bandwidth.

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