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Garena Free Fire introduces new updates

Garena Free Fire, the most downloaded mobile game in 2019, has launched a huge summer update with a new character, the first-ever flying pet on Free Fire and numerous gameplay optimizations aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience for existing and new players.

The summer update incorporates some changes to the existing game modes and also introduces a new weapon with piercing mechanic and weapon rebalances.

Free Fire has also launched the first season of the Clash Squad Ranked Mode with tweaks implemented based on players’ feedback from its pre-season.

A leaderboard for Kills and Win Rates has been added along with a Career Performance page in players’ profiles in order for players to acquire visibility on theirs and others’ performances.

Free Fire will assign bots to take place of players who get disconnected or are away from keyboard (AFK). The seasonal rank rewards are also being increased with the Golden Eagle gun skin being made obtainable for players that reach Gold 3 in Season one.

The summer update has introduced a new character named Wolfrahh, an energetic video game streamer, to its existing roster of unlockable characters. He brings with him Falco, a flying pet with a speedy skill that adds another reason for excitement for players.

Alongside this huge update, Free Fire is also releasing the Beach Party event which will run from 3rd – 21st of June 2020 where users can get Free Fire’s first flying pet “Falco” for free. This event also brings with it various prizes obtainable for free simply by finishing the missions, including the exclusive Beach Party set which include bubbly and sizzling fashion skins, a parachute, skyboard, backpack and many more prizes including the chance to win 19,999 Free Fire diamonds worth ~$200, if the gamers play together with their friends.

Based on the feedback from the Free Fire gaming community, updates have been incorporated wherein players will now be able to equip other characters’ active skills on their character of choice and will be able to know when their skills are activated.

The summer update will also see changes made to the Bomb Squad and Training Ground modes. For Bomb Squad mode, the clarity of objectives has been increased and a store similar to Clash Squads’ has been introduced to replace the weapon presets. For Training Ground mode, players will now be able to access Gloo Walls and Vehicles.

To counter the extreme durability of the Gloo Walls, the M82B is entering the scene to help bring balance. This sniper rifle will be equipped with Ballistic Tips which will provide consistent piercing damage to Gloo Walls and those that cower behind them.

Some minor optimizations will include an increase in emote slots, and new administrative powers for better management of your guilds.

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