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NVIDIA Ampere benchmark leak suggests 30% faster performance than RTX 2080 Ti


While NVIDIA and AMD are preparing to launch their next-generation graphics cards later this year, many leaks have surfaced online regarding the Ampere based graphics cards from NVIDIA. The latest leak comes from Hardware Leaks came across a TimeSpy benchmark of an unknown GPU from NVIDIA.


What’s interesting is that the unknown variant is about 30.98% faster than a stock NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti score. The GPU managed to achieve a TimeSpy score of 18257, while the Founders Edition only got 13939 points. The card also beats an NVIDIA Titan V under LN2 overclocking by 8.30% and a stock NVIDIA RTX Titan by 22.14%. However, it should be noted that the card couldn’t beat the score submitted by extreme overclocker KINGPING with his EVGA RTX 2080 Ti XC GPU.

According to the information gathered by Hardware Leaks, the unknown NVIDIA GPU shows a boost speed of 1935 MHz, and the memory clocked at 6000 MHz. While the clocks reported here are not the usual clocks by other GPUs running on GDDR6 or HBM2, Hardware Leaks suggests it could be due to the lack of proper drivers or new memory configuration that the TimeSpy benchmark as yet to recognize. Recently, there has been a lot of image leaks on how the new Founders Edition looks like. Regarding the name scheming, rumors suggest that cards will be called RTX 3090, RTX 3080 Ti, and RTX 3080. Reports also suggest that there are three high-end Ampere cards, one with 10GB VRAM, one with 12GB, and one with 24GB of video memory.


AMD is also expected to announce its next-generation RNDA 2 GPUs and the company had confirmed that they will be releasing graphics cards that will disrupt the 4K gaming market. Its been a while since AMD has been catching up with NVIDIA cards in terms of performance, and this year, we can expect both the companies to release graphics cards to compete with each other. Stay tuned for more news and rumors of graphics cards.

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