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BenQ launches new range of wireless smart projectors

BenQ announced the new range of android based wireless smart projectors for the SMB segment to amplify the efficiency of virtual meetings and wireless presentations. The latest E600 Standard Throw and E800 Short Throw series come with BenQ Smart Systems that enable these smart projectors to facilitate meetings with the inclusion of useful business apps.

With multiple lumen options and short-throw projectors giving screen size up to 120” screen size & standard throw projectors giving screen size up to 180” screen size provides various options to a buyer.

These projectors allow users to search for inspiration on the Firefox browser or remotely access another computer to view files or troubleshoot via TeamViewer. They can create documents collaboratively with teammates via WPS Office or if in doubt can start a video conference anytime with the built-in Blizz app, or any video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype to seamlessly conduct meetings.

The BenQ E800 Short Throw Smart Projectors range that allows for smarter use of space while providing powerful management apps. Both the projectors in this series, EW800ST and EX800ST let users save more space for their audience and eliminate the need for projecting from a distance. With these smart projectors, presenters can express freely with their hands without fear of blocking the presentation as they can stand in front and leave more space free. With a 0.61 short-throw ratio, it’s easy to project an 80-inch image from 1 meter away. This range of short-throw projectors aims to save space as well as a lot of inconveniences.

BenQ Wireless Smart Projectors, come with BenQ’s carefully designed Smart Control App that turns a user’s smartphone into a remote control, a mouse pad and a keyboard to help them navigate. All the projectors in BenQ’s E600 & E800 standard throw and Short Throw Series come with Bluetooth connectivity option to make the experience more wireless, speakers and headsets can be connected via Bluetooth as well.

Even in a Wifi-less environment, the hotspot of BenQ Wireless Smart Projectors allows users to cast the screen from their mobile device wirelessly. With these projectors, one needs to bring their smartphone, tablet, or laptop PC for instant wireless projection, eliminating all cable clutter possible.

These projectors aim to facilitate immediate collaboration to improve teamwork and productivity. Team members can make their presentation with a USB drive or a portable hard drive, making the entire experience completely PC-free. The USB Type-A port supports a wide range of file formats including JPEG, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files enabling direct projection. BenQ enables its SMB partners to upgrade to the latest BenQ firmware for these Smart Projectors through their OTA (Over-the-Air) support so that they can keep the projectors running smoothly and up to date at all times.With BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign Broadcast System for instant message delivery integrated, management can deliver announcements in display formats like text, image and video links using any laptop, smartphone or tablet with the Projectors. This ensures that everyone in the meeting room sees the message immediately on the projection screen. The dramatically reduces the need to make any abrupt interruptions in meetings.

With a secure Account Management System (AMS), BenQ has made it easy for IT personnel to manage all accounts with both E600 and E800 series. Users can log in to their AMS account to easily access and manage their files and personalised settings. The projectors range also comes with a DMS Local (Device Management Solution) that enables remote and centralised management of multiple digital projectors via a local network.

With starting range from 650 USD, these series offer a trifecta of qualities, that of being smart, affordable and efficient.

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