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2020 Apple iPhones may not include a power adapter or EarPods

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

It looks like those who are waiting for the new iPhones may not get much with the package. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who is a well-known analyst who predicted many of Apple’s upcoming products, suggests that the Cupertino company may not include a power adapter and the EarPods with the upcoming 2020 models.

Kuo mentions that the move is Apple’s attempt to reduce the costs while the company releases 5G capable Apple iPhones. While Apple currently does include power adapters and EarPods with all iPhones. The latest Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 11 does come packed with a 5W USB-A adapter and the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max with an 18W USB Type-C adapter. Apple’s move towards fast chargers came into effect after years of criticism from users.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Rumour has it that Apple plans to develop a new 20W fast charger and will come with future Apple iPad models. Kuo hints that Apple plans to release a 10.8-inch Apple iPad later this year, and an 8.5-inch iPad Mini in the first half of 2021. The new Apple 20W fast charger would also be available as a separate charger for iPhone owners. If Kuo’s predictions are true, then new Apple iPhone users may have a tough time dealing with a separate purchase just to get a charging adapter and EarPods. It would be interesting to see how the userbase will respond to this change. Existing users may not have an issue if they already have Apple chargers lying around.

That said, Apple plans to use Qualcomm based X55 or X60 modem chips for its upcoming iPhone smartphones for 5G connectivity. While the predictions are coming from Kuo who is a reliable source for upcoming Apple products, take these with a grain of salt for now. Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 12 series later in September 2020, although, it’s not evident if the launch may get delayed due to the ongoing pandemic situation.


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