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OPPO X 2021 is the latest concept smartphone with a rollable display

During the Inno Day 2020 event held by OPPO, the company has unveiled its latest concept smartphone called the OPPO X 2021. It’s a concept that features a rollable display screen.

The new concept smartphone comes with a variable rollable OLED display and the rolling mechanism is powered by OPPO’s proprietary Roll Motor powertrain that can expand the display from 6.7-inch to the maximum size of 7.4-inches. The rollable mechanism transforms the regular looking smartphone into a phablet. The new powertrain features two motors that provide a steady force to completely unfold the device in a uniform manner. This ensures that the display doesn’t get damaged during the rolling process. Unlike normal foldable smartphones that give only certain states to unfold, the motors present gives consumers the ability to unfold the display of the OPPO X 2021 as much as they want. And the display will not have any visible marks due to folds. There is a bearing with a slider on the side of the screen that features a 6.8mm arc. This helps to roll back the screen.

To support the rollable display, OPPO has also integrated a 2-in-1 plate support technology for supporting the screen. The plate features a design that resembles a comb. And when the screen is rolled back, the plate ensures the screen forms as a single surface. This technique helps in the smooth roll-in and roll-out of the rollable display. To further protect the display sliding feature, OPPO has integrated a dynamic frame system that features a fixed frame on the outer portion and another sliding frame. Additionally, the display is protected by a proprietary Warp Track screen lamination which features high-strength steel and is only 0.1mm thick.

OPPO stated that OPPO X 2021 features 122 patents on its development and 12 of them alone are based on the rolling feature of the device. It’s quite an innovative product no doubt and we are eager to find how the final product performs when it’s ready to hit the market.


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