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Azom launches new Azom Desert 2 smartphone

The Saudi tech start-up, Azom recently launched its new Azom Desert 2 phone at a virtual online event, attended by a group of technology specialists and social media influencers. The new phone blends a culture-inspired design with modern features, offering a great experience for users looking for a premium mid-range phone at a competitive price, high technology and after-sales excellence.

Internal and External Specifications
The new phone features a sleek design, with a large 6.4 inch display and a curved glass exterior. The new device has light weight (180 grams), and these features give the device harmony, smooth experience and modern feel to provide a distinctive user experience in high style. As for internal specifications, Azom Desert 2 is powered by an Octa Core processor that provides strong connectivity and comprehensive support for 2G, 3G and 4G lite networks.

The phone offers an advanced digital user interface (IBRAHIM UI) built on Android 10 to improve usability and speed, and contains many features such as easy screenshot, and gives the user the ability to control the phone interface by adjusting the dark or light modes for a user-friendly reading experience consistent with lighting mode. In addition to other features like energy saving, eye protection, and no disturbance by the surroundings during the night time.

AI Technologies and Camera
The new phone has four high-resolution rear cameras with one lens of 48MB, and a front 25MB camera. The primary cameras analyse the objects in the view finder and recommend shooting modes and automatically adjust according to viewing angle, color, characteristics of the object and other factors.

Battery and Quick Charging
The Azom Desert 2 phone is equipped with a large 4000 mAh battery for all-day performance, along with fast charging technology support. It offers 80 minutes of fast charging.

The CEO of the company Mohammad Almonajim said “The new product is a real and ambitious start to aquire a real share in the market of electronic devices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The performance of the device is distinctive compared to phones of the same mid-range category, and comes at a competitive price”. He added: “The quick maintenance services and distinctive guarantee of the device are among the most important priorities of the company. In addition to the packages to replace the old with new device within Azom plus package”.

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