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Apple reportedly working on 20-core and 32-core CPU/GPUs to outclass high-end PCs

Up until now, it’s been a known fact that one would be able to spend less and build a high-end PC that is way faster than what Apple usually offers on their professional Mac systems. It wasn’t long ago that Apple announced its plans to develop their own SoCs and leaving its dependence on Intel for their processors. Now, a new report from Bloomberg states that Apple plans to release systems with its own high-end CPUs and GPUs that can reportedly outperform the likes of AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA chips.

While Apple claims that its M1 chip powering their newest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini systems are faster than the predecessor models using Intel chips, the Cupertino company is focusing on developing high-end processors that can match or outperform the performance processors produced by Intel. The so-called chips that Bloomberg reports, are supposedly the successors of the M1 chip that can feature up to 20 CPU cores. The 20-core M1 successor is rumored to come with 16 high-performance cores and four power-efficient cores. The report indicates that Apple plans to roll out high-end ARM processors for faster MacBook Pro, entry-level, and high-end iMac systems. The company is also expected to release a new Mac Pro workstation powered by the ARM chips later in 2022.

The company is expected to roll out different variations of the 20-core processor. The initial batch of chips could have eight or twelve high-performance cores instead of the 16 high-performance cores mentioned before. Apple is also reportedly developing a processor that has as much as a total of 32 high-performance cores installed on a new half-sized Mac Pro that is planned to be released in 2022.

Processors aren’t the only silicon on the Apple roadmap, as the company is reportedly developing high-performance GPUs to reduce its dependence on AMD and NVIDIA. While the current M1 processors feature custom Apple-based graphics with up to 7/8-cores, the future high-end MacBooks and desktops can come with graphics solutions up to 16-core or 32-core GPUs. The company has already planned to develop 64-core and 128-core graphics for its high-end Mac systems and is said to be several times faster than what Apple uses on its current line-up with AMD/NVIDIA graphics.


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