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ASUS Announces Open Beta Phase of GPU Tweak III, Features a Revamped Interface, Easier OC Controls & New Customizations

ASUS has officially announced the start of the open beta for the latest GPU Tweak III, the all-in-one utility for graphics card tuning and hardware monitoring. With its fresh and revamped interface, GPU Tweak III places all of the core overclocking and fan controls right at the forefront to make getting extra performance out of GPUs is quicker and easier than ever. New customization options allow users to resize and reorganize the dashboard, monitoring window, and on-screen display so they can access the exact information they need at any given time. After tweaking profiles for particular games or apps, users can configure GPU Tweak III to manage settings in the background by linking programs through the new Profile Connect feature.

Retuned and tested

In mid-2018, ASUS launched a multi-stage testing and feedback program for GPU Tweak II that culminated into a long-term open beta conducted on the ROG forums. Using the immense amount of user data spanning multitudes of hardware configurations, the GPU Tweak team improved the core overclocking functionality, tuned the backend engine’s stability, and rolled out new features like the OC Scanner in a measured fashion.

So, for the third iteration of GPU Tweak, ASUS aimed to build a flexible architecture that could accentuate the varied use cases of its vast community. Almost every element of the UI can be rescaled, reorganized, and recolored to suit the user’s environment and draw attention to the metrics and data the user wants to track while tuning their system. More performance stats can be monitored, and all of them can be viewed in two different ways on the scalable desktop window or in-game via the extremely customizable OSD style made for GPU Tweak III. To help track metrics over time, users can now also export logs and re-import them to compare performance between sessions.

Under the hood, graphics card tuning and overclocking remains the core focus. The newest version has undergone multiple testing phases to ensure reliable performance with all ASUS, ROG, and TUF Gaming consumer graphics cards while retaining support for graphics cards from other vendors. Preset OC and Silent Modes have been optimized for the latest Nvidia and AMD GPUs, and users who manually tune their cards or use the OC Scanner can now use a save feature to keep settings intact when making system changes. Fan settings now include temperature hysteresis and polling period options to let users control how quickly and smoothly fans respond to thermal changes.

Profile Connect

Games and applications have different graphical demands, which is why overclocking utilities allow users to create multiple performance profiles that can be swapped via menu buttons or hotkeys. Through a new Profile Connect feature, GPU Tweak III provides an automated approach to profile management. After tuning overclocking or fan settings, users can save a profile and link it to the desired program executable so that GPU Tweak automatically applies preferred settings when the assigned games or apps run. With only some slight preparation, games can be set up for maximum FPS and productivity apps optimized for distraction-free working without requiring any further management.

Profile Connect functionality also extends to OSD profiles, allowing users to make personalized displays for every game or app as desired. To complement this, GPU Tweak III now includes an OSD preview mode that lets users load in screenshots to optimize the position of monitoring elements within the interfaces of their favorite games or apps.

Community-driven development cycle

Beyond just modernizing the software itself, ASUS has changed its entire approach to ongoing GPU Tweak development. In order to make GPU Tweak III the best software possible, ASUS has built a community-focused development model that emphasizes feedback and transparency. Users can give direct feedback to the development team through a submission form on the new software web page, or they can chat about their overclocking endeavors on the Official Republic of Gamers Discord server. New releases will be announced in both locations with clear patch notes and any known issues to consider.

ASUS has a long list of new features that are planned to be released in GPU Tweak throughout the year, but these will be developed carefully and iteratively so as to not affect the core functionality. After the initial open beta time frame, the web page will host both stable and beta releases at any given time so that users can choose the type of experience they prefer. Stable releases will receive only compatibility and maintenance improvements while new features incubate through a series of beta releases until they have been tested rigorously enough to merge with the main version. At those milestones, a blog post will be published on the GPU Tweak III web page to provide developer insights about the latest updates.


GPU Tweak III is free to use, and the open beta is available globally for overclocking experts and beginners alike to try today. The first release is English-only, and other languages will be rolled out throughout the year. During the initial beta period, users are encouraged to try the new features in GPU Tweak III, but a stable version of GPU Tweak II is also available for users who prefer the classic experience. Development on GPU Tweak II will discontinue when the GPU Tweak III initial open beta period has finished.

Download the latest Beta version from the link here: https://www.asus.com/campaign/GPU-Tweak-III

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