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HONOR Watch GS PRO smartwatch is built to take outdoor activities to the next level

For those who love to hike or go for a camping trip, the HONOR Watch GS PRO with its rugged design and its exciting features will help you to discover more and can handle whatever the elements throw at it with ease.

Designed for the adventurer at heart

Every aspect of the HONOR Watch GS PRO has been precision engineered to ensure it has the features for the adventurer, offering a water-resistant design that can withstand the toughest of environments. Put the smartwatch on your wrist and you immediately feel it’s comfortable, solid, and modern craftsmanship. The round face is enclosed with an orientation and metal ring with a stainless-steel bezel ring and dial. Its 1.39-inch AMOLED round screen can adapt to varying brightness levels so users can easily see the display when outdoors, while a range of specially designed pre-installed animated watch faces allows for effortless customization.

A dependable companion

The HONOR Watch GS PRO has a whole host of advanced features that give wearers the ability to push beyond their limits. A built-in dual satellite positioning system provides users with precise location data to record their routes as well as enable a “Route Back” feature once the destination has been reached. This allows the smartwatch to guide users back along the original route. The device also has the capability to forecast ambient changes in the weather and will provide alerts if there is a threat of severe conditions in addition to sunrise and sunset reminders. It also has a long battery life thanks to the Kirin A1 Chipset which enables smart power management to conserve the battery for maximum usage time. This allows the watch to function for up to 25 days on a single full charge during normal use. Outdoor GPS performance mode delivers 40-hour long battery life while outdoor GPS power-saving mode offers 100-hour use.

Developed to fit any lifestyle

The HONOR Watch GS PRO is more than a tool to help hikers and mountain climbers. It is packed with over 100 workout modes including open water swimming, pool swimming, free training, triathlon, outdoor and indoor running, outdoor and indoor cycling, elliptical, rower, and trail running.  That means no matter what your interest the smartwatch has a mode to help you keep track of your progress in a variety of sports and activities.

The HONOR Watch GS PRO complements your smartphone with a built-in speaker and microphone so users can answer a call while cycling or climbing, without the need to remove their phone from their pocket. The smartwatch can also store up to 500 songs giving users the ability to create playlists to get them motivated. Add in the capability to take photos from your smartphone remotely and the HONOR Watch GS PRO is the ideal companion to take on to an adventure.

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