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Riversong launches new smartwatches and air pods

Riversong Technology has introduced a range of wearable including smartwatches and air pods sported with new, sophisticated design and features.

Motive 2 series smartwatches featuring a trendy design, comfortable fit, waterproof, and cutting-edge technology. Boasting a usage of up to 10 –days, it has a customised watch face, smart messaging and notifies the users about incoming calls, emails etc. keeping them always connected. It also has a multi-sport mode and a health monitor that checks blood pressure/ oxygen levels and alerts users on change in heart rate in real-time; allowing them to track and adjust the intensity of the activity/exercise.

Air pods boast all the craftsmanship of a high-end earpiece and stunning design – that is lightweight, comfortable to wear and provides high- audio quality.

Haitham Kalakeche, Global CEO, Riversong Technology said, “We have dedicated significant investments in R&D , which helps us in understanding what customers really want and offering them a premium product that is stylish, with the latest technology and fits with anyone’s’ budget.”

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