Sennheiser unveils new IE 100 PRO Wireless in-ears

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Sennheiser unveils new IE 100 PRO Wireless in-ears

Sennheiser has unveiled the new IE 100 PRO Wireless in-ears. They let you take the top-grade monitor sound you demand from the stage right onto the street thanks to the inclusion of a Bluetooth connector that can be swapped with the cable when preferred.

Listen to playlists, make calls or watch videos, while the AptX Low Latency codec ensures that sound and image are in perfect sync. The Bluetooth connector features a built-in microphone, remote for call and music control and a battery life of up to ten hours. Naturally, the IE 100 PRO is also available individually for stage work.

Precise monitoring and enjoyment of music too
The IE 100 PRO in-ears offer a natural, warm and utterly precise monitoring sound that allows you to fine-tune your performance with ease.

Thanks to the included silicone and memory foam ear tips, the in-ears adapt perfectly to your ear canals, coming as close as possible to custom ear moulds. This snug, comfortable fit is supported by a low-profile mould.

A reinforced ear-hook and detachable cable with patent-pending, break-proof connector give you the reliability you need during your performance. The package is rounded off by a cleaning tool and a soft pouch.

The in-ears are available in black, clear and red.

A USB-C cable, which fully recharges the Bluetooth connector in 1.5 hrs is included, too.
While the IE 100 PRO retains the same transducer and frequency response of its predecessor, it is now fitted with the same connector type and clever stage-proof internal cable duct as the IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO.

The new IE PRO Mono Cable is a twisted cable that offers excellent suppression of structure-borne noise. It can be used with the right or left earpiece, which gives a single-sided broadcast solution for live moderation, correspondents and ENG applications. With a stereo signal, the left signal will be transmitted.

The IE 100 PRO is priced at AED 300 inc VAT and is available in clear, red and black. Straight cable with ear-hook. Comes with silicone ear tips (S, M, L), memory foam ear tips (M), a cleaning tool and a pouch.

The IE 100 PRO Wireless is priced at AED 599 inc VAT and is available in clear, red and black. Straight cable with ear-hook. Accessories as with IE 100 PRO but with additional IE PRO BT Connector and USB-C charging cable.