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Enjoy a good night sleep with Samsung Air Purifier

Samsung’s Air Purifier, the innovative appliance that guarantees to provide a good night’s sleep. With invaluable capabilities and cutting-edge features, the Air Purifier provides the perfect formula to mitigate sleeping difficulties and ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic each morning. Here are the main reasons how this is possible with Samsung’s Air Purifier and why this innovation is a ‘must have’ for every consumer:

Keep disturbances at bay
Disruptions during the night can not only ruin your sleep but also be detrimental to your progress and performance the following day. For years, we have been unable to control our surroundings for a full night’s sleep – until now. The Air Purifier empowers you to prepare for the sleep you deserve with the Sleep Mode function, which provides pure air to breathe throughout the night with minimal sound. The Air Purifier silently generates 50 dBA of noise – half the level of a library – which is sure to eliminate noise and help you relax and sleep for a silent operation like no other.

Head to bed with peace of mind
Today, consciousness about our surroundings and overall health has never been higher. None of us need concerns about the environment before sleeping. Instead, we want assurances that the air we breathe while sleeping is clean and safe. Fortunately, the Air Purifier has this area covered too. Thanks to the multi-layered purification system, 99.97 percent of large dust particles are extracted and eliminated, while the activated carbon deodorization filter removes any harmful gases. Furthermore, the washable pre-filter ensures pollen and pet dander do not cause sleep interruptions, and the HEPA filtration component combats ultrafine dust and all other bacteria – meaning a whole night’s rest in an optimal environment.

Verify air purity wherever you sleep 
In addition to the point mentioned above, you can also receive visual confirmation about your surrounding before sleeping thanks to the Air Purifier’s 4-color Indictor. Backed by intuitive dust and gas sensors, this feature visualizes the amount of dust and harmful gases in your surroundings, so you can always confirm nighttime air purity. What’s more, you never have to miss out on this feature and all of the Air Purifier’s capabilities. Its minimalist, cube-style design is flawlessly portable, meaning you can place it in your surrounding for a comfortable night’s sleep should you travel or sleep in a different room in the household.

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