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Samsung Participates in the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi 2017

Today, professional skills become outdated or inapplicable more quickly than ever, and the lifespan of specific skills is forecasted to decrease over time. This is why it is vital for individuals to adapt their knowledge and skillset to keep the pace with changing industry needs — and similarly for large organizations to keep pace with the change and ensure that their workforce, and future workforce is well equipped.

In addition to this, today’s competitive society requires additional skillsets to secure a position in the job market – and this is not only true for the Middle East, but for the rest of the world. What makes the Middle East unique is its incredibly young population – some 60 percent of the regional population is younger than 25 years old, it is safe to assume that an even larger portion of the workforce will be comprised of millennials in ten years’ time. While this is great for the job market, on an individual level, it means that there have to be enough jobs for the market to ensure parity. This is where skills becomes a differentiator.

Skill shortage or deficit threatens more than an individual’s employability and professional appeal; it also has a profound impact on industry and community wellness, particularly with regard to economic stability. Employees must be adaptable to the changing market demands in order to stay relevant and progress in their careers – and in a world where 35 percent of the skills considered important in the current job market will have changed in nearly every industry — skills development becomes crucial. And as global and regional economies transition from traditional economies to knowledge-based economies, this dexterity grows increasingly vital.

Since its inception, Samsung has been dedicated to bettering the world through a responsible approach to business and global citizenship. This entails inspiring innovation and creating opportunities, in part through collaboration with partners around the world — and in the Middle East, it means supporting events like WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, which enables the development of a more skilled and versatile workforce in the region.

Samsung began its sponsorship of the WorldSkills Competition globally in 2007. Since then, the company has continued to support skilled youngsters’ dreams and hopes by promoting skills excellence and providing them with good quality job opportunities. This year, Samsung Electronics proudly presented the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – the high profile competition on skills, education and job creation for young professionals. Platforms such as WorldSkills are an imperative for skills development, and organizations can benefit from their association with such bodies.

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