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Four features standout Vivo v21 in the market

With a sleek and slim design, the V21 series is the right companion to include in your pocket or bag to run errands and go for a quick meal with a group of friends or family, without worrying about the placement of your smartphone. This just another exciting and delightful element that vivo has introduced for its new and existing customers, making the product hassle-free!

Here are four features that make the V21 series standout with its design and body –

Ultra Slim AG Matte Glass Design
Worrying if a smartphone doesn’t slide in your pocket or bag effortlessly? Well, the new V21 series features elegant, smooth aesthetic, and sophisticated design elements. The smartphone is 7.29mm thin, making it the thinnest smartphone in the market and the lightest phone anyone could have.

Not only is it easy to hold due to its light weight, but the Minimalistic 2.5D Water Cube AG Glass Battery Cover provides high roughness and high transmittance, balancing smooth and classy texture with the gorgeous display on the front.

New Dual Tone Step Design
While the V21 series is lighter and simpler, this is thanks to vivo’s signature Dual Tone Step Design. The new feature is a work of art, where one can notice how the rear cameras neatly and evenly match up. The layout is subtle, structured and brings pure sophistication to the eyes.

Color Themes: Sunset Dazzle and Dusk Blue
Add a splash of vibrant color to your bag or pocket. What’s interesting about the new V21 series is the fact that the color themes are truly inspired by nature.

The Sunset Dazzle’s backdrop is inspired by the silently moving of blushing clouds that are ready to meet with the distant ocean. Whereas the Dusk Blue is a combination of black and blue hues that intertwine and dance in the sky.

So, whenever you’re looking to watch the sunset or go for a walk in the park, the V21 series can be placed in your bag or pocket smoothly to blend with your surroundings.

Impactful Display and Visual Experience 
The front of the phone has a perfect look. The V21 series offers 6.44’’ AMOLED display with 90HZ Refresh Rate, meaning updated images are more frequent, providing smoother visual effects, and no screen tearing during gaming. Now that’s a display we are eager to have!

Further to that, the 90Hz refresh rate offers a lightning-fast image quality, making your photos and screen display look glowing!

But that’s not all, with a narrower frame, the new update adds to the visual integrity of the display and creates an almost perfect visual impression.

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