BenQ is the No.1 brand for Interactive Flat Panel in the Middle East for Q2 of 2021

Displays News Press Release

BenQ is one of the leading IFP brands that provides world-class display solutions to customers across the globe. With their consistent top-notch performance and smart solutions, BenQ has once again bagged the number one position as the best Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPDs) seller for Q2 2021 in the Middle East.

BenQ has witnessed massive growth during the period of Q2 (April -June 2021) and currently owns 33% market share in UAE and 22% Market share in Saudi Arabia of the IFPDs market. Along with that, they were also recognized as the number one IFP brand in the UAE & Saudi Arabia, No.1 IFP brand for Interactive Flat Panel Display in the overall education industry in UAE, and No.1 IFP brand in Saudi Arabia for Higher Education Segment.

The company’s commitment towards providing the finest interaction flat panels has positioned them as the most trustworthy global brand for display solutions. Equipped with germ-resistant screens and smart eye-care solutions like blue-light filter and flicker-free technology, BenQ has really upgraded screen-viewing experiences for academic institutions and corporates alike. With a in-built broadcast system, the X-Sign and a highly interactive cloud whiteboard solution, EZWrite, BenQ’s IFPs are constantly striving to create more wholesome experiences. These collaborative tools are an essential aid in the way classrooms and meeting rooms is evolving; The tech giant has a dynamic approach that helps them keep up with the fast-evolving lifestyle and trends and provide relevant, timeless solutions.

“At BenQ, we are committed to elevating the quality of life, work and education through cutting edge interactive boards. The smarter generation needs smarter solutions and that’s exactly what BenQ aims to fulfill. We are constantly reinventing our products with a futuristic approach that succeeds in adding value to education and corporates. Our BenQ-exclusive technologies and services are the main reason why our Interactive whiteboards are trusted by an ever-increasing number of education-institutions and corporates. We want to thank all our customers, and partners, for placing their confidence in us. Our customers are our business partners, and this is the driver for our consistent growth and success in our areas of business.” Said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East.

BenQ’s wide range of interactive boards and display solutions cater to multiple industries. They have succeeded in climbing up the success ladder to be recognized as the best IFPD brand by providing comprehensive display solutions. Their intuitive interactive displays also enhance creativity, productivity and minimize strain on the eyes.