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Review: Hisense 749L French Door Refrigerator (RQ749N4ASU)

When it comes to healthy food consumption, it’s better to invest in a refrigerator that has all the storage space and features for preserving all your fresh foods. We take a look at the new Hisense 749 Liters French Door Refrigerator (RQ749N4ASU) and here are our impressions about it.

Design and Features

With the popularity and demand for big-sized refrigerators increasing over the years, many manufacturers have released several new models with premium features. Hisense has introduced several premium-looking refrigerators and one such is the RQ749N4ASU, which features a durable stainless-steel finish that goes well with modern kitchens. The refrigerator features a water dispenser on the outer portion that is located on the top left door. This comes in handy as users will not have to open the doors to have cold water.

The water dispenser allows users to collect water by simply pushing the handle with their glass or cup. Speaking of doors, this refrigerator is based on the french door design that is ideal for large apartments and families. The doors are designed to be easily opened from the edges in the middle of the fridge.

Upon opening the 4-door system, you will find three major sections on the refrigerator. The top-middle portion is the main fridge compartment with a temperature between 2-6 degrees cold. The bottom portion is divided into two separate compartments. The left side is reserved as the freezer compartment that operates between -4 and -24 degrees. The right side is called the My Fresh Choice that operates between -18 to -5 degrees cold.

The fridge also comes with a Computer temperature control LED system mounted on the top portion. You will be able to program the temperature needed for the three major zones. Hisense calls it the Triple Choice. There is even a mode that you can set called Holiday if you plan to go away from home for a trip and ensure that your food stays intact. The other two modes are called Super Cool and Super Freeze. The Total No Frost option ensures that ice build-ups will be prevented from forming on the refrigerator, thanks to the even distribution of cold air throughout the fridge. You can also turn off the refrigerator directly from the control system.

The main compartment on the upper-middle portion consists of two glass shelves that can be removed and adjusted according to the user’s preference. Families usually keep cooked food with stainless steel utensils on fridges and this compartment suits that role.

Then comes along a long and narrow shelf that can easily slide out. Users will be able to keep products such as pizza boxes or several vegetables as a quick access drawer.

Underneath the drawer are several other easy-glide drawers that can be used to store fresh vegetables. There are a total of three drawers with two of them meant for fruits and vegetables and the middle drawer for storing snacks. The Fruit and Vegetable compartments are comparatively larger than the above slider. However, the Snacks drawer is quite small and could fit the role of storing products such as chocolates.

Check out some more images of the middle drawers and compartments.

The drawers on the bottom of the refrigerator consist of two portions. The left compartment is reserved for freezing operations and the right side for normal cold temperatures that are meant to store fresh foods. There are two easy-glide compartments, followed up by two large-sized drawers.

There is also a large ice tray included on the left-sided easy-glide compartment of the freezer portion.

The drawers are quite large in size and can accommodate a large number of fresh food storage, ensuring that there are enough for reserve and the freshness stays intact. Hisense also mentions that you can convert the My Fresh Food compartments to a freezer by adjusting the temperature, should you require more space for frozen products.

You will also be able to store a lot of small and packaged food products on the side doors as there are a lot of mini compartments. The bottom part of the side doors has a total of three mini compartments.

The upper portion of the side doors has larger storage space. The left-sided door has the water compartment for the water dispenser and the temperature is the same as the top main compartment.

Filling up the water compartment is an easy and straightforward process. The refiller cap is mounted on the top of the water compartment.

There is also a tray to store the eggs on the right-side door. It would have been better if one of the small compartments on the sides were dedicated to egg storage so we could store in larger numbers.

The total dimensions of the fridge are 912×725×1785mm. The total capillary capacity is 749L and the net capacity is 583L. All the drawers and the doors feature metal handles to easily open them.


The Hisense 749 liters french door refrigerator RQ749N4ASU is a good choice for those looking for a premium-looking refrigerator with useful features that helps to store various kinds of food products and keep them preserved for longer durations. The water dispenser is handy for every member of the family who wants to drink cool water. With a large selection of food compartments, users will be able to properly manage the food storage.

The electronic computer control system on the top is easy to manage and control the temperatures with different modes to choose from. The Total No Frost feature stops the icing from forming in the refrigerator. You can also convert some of the compartments into a freezer for more frozen food storage. Hisense also provides a one-year brand warranty and 10 years compressor warranty for the RQ749N4ASU french door refrigerator.

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