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Google plans to launch Android TV

Android TV will be launched by Google soon following the release of it’s predecessor, Google TV which failed to go mainstream. The company reportedly decided to scrap continuous plans for the Google TV and instead encouraged manufacturers such as Hisense to go forth with the new development. Tech savvy individuals and those who are looking forward to an upgrade can expect to enjoy the new device and it’s simpler fashion.

“Android TV is Android, optimized for the living room consumption experience on a TV screen,” the company wrote. The device will come with a unique feature, the recommendation system which will suggest sorted entertainment once it’s powered on. The Android TV will dismiss certain apps such as; touchscreen support and many other unnecessary apps. The stripping of such apps is to narrow the focus and it contributes to it’s simpler form. Music, films, games, television shows and photos are the reported features.

It is expected to favor it’s competing counterparts, Apple TV and Roku. Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vevo, Pandora and other Google services will be supported by the Android TV. Android games will reportedly also be supported. Google is still riding high with its latest development, Chromecast HDMI dongle, which leaves many to wonder why the need for the upcoming smart TV.

Google is reportedly still getting more developers on board to build apps for the upcoming device. No official date of when this new product will be released. However, reportedly a launch soon is possible and could take place in June at Google IO developers’ conference.

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