Poly partnership with Appspace adds value to meeting spaces

Poly partnership with Appspace adds value to meeting spaces

Poly today announced the integration of Appspace, a leading provider of workplace experience software. Appspace allows Poly Video OS device users to enable modern team communications and digital signage to add value to meeting spaces during downtime.

The Appspace integration offers workplace communication opportunities for HR, corporate communications, marketing, and other teams as Appspace digital signage becomes available on all devices running Poly Video OS. Digital signage will be available to Poly customers using the Poly Studio X Series (including the Poly Studio X30, X50, X70) and G7500 devices with an Appspace subscription, with easy connection to and management of Appspace channels via the Poly Lens cloud management service.

Benefits of the integration include:

  • Quick Start – Turn on Appspace digital signage on your Poly video solutions in just a couple clicks, and deploy at scale using Poly Lens
  • Add value – Get more out of your Poly solutions by using Appspace to display messaging between video meetings
  • Increase adoption – Display instructions and engaging content that invites employees to use your devices
  • Centralised management – Manage your devices and digital signage from one central online location
  • Improve employee communication – Publish critical safety and policy messaging for on-site employees
  • Go beyond digital signage – Upgrade your Appspace plan to unlock features like space reservation, advanced templates, and the employee app

The Appspace integration is now available to customers with an Appspace account on the following Poly devices: Poly Studio X30, Studio X50, Studio X70, and G7500. For more information, please visit https://www.appspace.com/partners/poly.