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Samsung launches new promotional offer on home appliances

Samsung recently announced the launch of a new ‘Multi Buy’ promotion for UAE consumers purchasing select digital home appliances. The offer is exclusive to the Samsung e-store and the customers nationwide now have the opportunity to save up to 20% when purchasing appliances online.

Alongside the promotion’s cost saving opportunity, consumers will also capitalize on other added values which have become synonymous with Samsung, including safe and seamless acquisition, hassle-free delivery, and fulfillment of every customer requirement. This aligns with Samsung’s long-standing tradition of presenting brand lovers with value that makes a real difference to household functionalities and technology experiences.

Burcin Arabul, Director of Home Appliances at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said “Millions have capitalized on customer-centric Samsung promotions in recent years. And considering how warmly they are always received, now is the perfect time to introduce those we serve to even more offers that allow for cost savings. The home appliances segment has never been more popular than it is today, and we hope to drive interest even higher through this latest advantageous promotion.”

Running until the end of December, UAE customers can avail a 20% discount when buying three home appliances or 15% when purchasing two through the Multi buy promotion, which has been introduced to support people moving into new homes and families planning to upgrade their appliances. Other key e-store benefits include 48-hour free delivery, 24 month installment plan, 0% interest rate, customer support, and free return and installation – all of which accompany purchases on a host of next-generation products.

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