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FLEXOUND offers immersive cinema sound experience to the moviegoers

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio from Finland celebrate the release of the blockbuster movie of the year, Spider-Man: No Way Home at Empire Cinemas in Jeddah. The theater is equipped with 142 seats boosted by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio.

“Empire Cinemas is delighted to work with FLEXOUND, the world’s leading augmented audio technology company to present the most high-quality and immersive cinema sound experience to the moviegoers”, says Gino Haddad, the CEO of Empire Cinemas.

Cinemas boosted by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio are operating on two continents. The technology enhances the cinema sound experience with high-quality personal sound and physical vibration in each individual seat. According to the market research 96% respondents say FLEXOUND experience is very good or good, 91% recommend the FLEXOUND experience to others. FLEXOUND has also launched the world’s first loudspeaker-free cinema sound system – FLEXOUND Pulse™.

“Our mission is to allow people to feel deeper emotions by immersing into sound and movies are the ultimate forum for that. Our patented technology creates value that you just cannot experience by staying at home”, Flexound’s Head of Seated Entertainment, Jessica Bing Wang adds.

The seating in Jeddah is supplied by Ferco Seating, who has gained FLEXOUND certification for four of their seat models. The theater is also equipped with Sphera, the premium cinema concept.

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