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Review: Tapo C110 Home Security WiFi Camera

While most of the security cameras are usually mounted outdoors, it’s also a good idea to have to keep an eye inside your home while you are away. We take a look at the affordable Tapo C110 home security WiFi camera.


While most security cameras that we know are bulky, the Tapo C110 aims to be a simple and straightforward design that can be kept atop a table or mounted against a wall. The main camera body is a square block with rounded corners and resembles a standard webcam.

And while the Tapo C110 does not feature an auto-rotating function, you will be able to easily adjust the position and turn the camera facing towards the left, right, front, or rear angle. The lack of electronic rotation is quite a drawback since users would want to turn the angle of the camera with the smartphone application. The speaker is located on the rear side of the device.

The camera also comes with a MicroSD card slot that is located on the right side, along with the reset button that is easy to reach. Tapo mentions that the camera accepts MicroSD cards up to 256GB of storage, enough to record up to 512 hours or 21 days of footage.

The packing includes the Tapo C110 camera, DC power adaptor, mounting screws and template, and a quick start guide.


Even though the camera is classified as a budget category, the Tapo C110 features a 3MP 1/2.8’’ image sensor with an aperture of F2.0 and has a fixed focal length of 3.3mm. The camera is capable of producing clear images and videos during the day. And for night vision, the camera features an 850 nm IR LED that can monitor up to 30 ft.

While you may not be able to rotate the camera using the app, users will be able to establish a two-way communication using the mic and the speaker of the camera. This comes to use when you want to communicate with a visitor on the doorstep, with your kids, or even your pet at home, while you are away from home.

Other features include the privacy mode where the Tapo camera stops monitoring or recording. The camera also triggers an alarm for motion detection. You will also be able to view recorded content using the application. The 1080p video recording is based on the H.264 compression. The camera also triggers the alarm when light or sound is detected. These can be enabled or disabled via the application.

As for security, the device features 128 bit AES Encryption with SSL/TLS and has support for wireless security protocols such as WPA and WPA2-PSK. While the camera is only compatible with 2.4GHz wireless connections, the device supports network speeds up to 11 Mbps for 802.11 b, up to 54 Mbps on 802.11 g, and up to 72.2 Mbps on 802.11n connections.


Whether it’s about the outside premises of our home or the indoor area, the security of our homes is of vital importance. If you are looking for a simple and affordable security camera to keep an eye on your kids or pets, then the Tapo C110 is a good choice to consider. Except for the electronic rotating function, the camera features most of the functionality as other premium Tapo security cameras.

The device features a simple and lightweight design that can be mounted against a wall or kept atop a flat surface, and setting up the camera is a breeze. The camera comes with a 3MP sensor with 1080p video recording and support for night vision. The C110 can trigger an alarm for light, sound, and motion detection. And the addition of a MicroSD card allows recording for almost 512 hours of video footage.

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