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Huawei launches HUAWEI Sound Joy portable speaker

Huawei Consumer Business Group announced the launch of its Devialet co-engineered first portable speaker in the UAE, the HUAWEI Sound Joy. It is a compact, stylish and portable speaker designed for everyday use, delivering incredible convenience and premium audio experience for consumers wherever they go.

The brand-new woven fabric design is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance and has an anti-slip surface, making it tough and durable. With a large built-in battery supporting up to 26 hours of playback time and fast charging support, the HUAWEI Sound Joy can bring life to outdoor parties.

The HUAWEI Sound Joy in Spruce Green and Obsidian Black will arrive in UAE stores starting 10th March at a price of AED 599, with a special gift – original HUAWEI Backpack worth AED 149.

Huawei-Devialet joint design for evocative sounds
The development of the HUAWEI Sound Joy is the joint effort of Huawei and Devialet. The French audio technology company Devialet is well-known for its High-Fidelity premium products. Leveraging the Devialet SAM technology, the HUAWEI Sound Joy delivers an authentic audio experience with minimal distortion. The iconic Push-Push passive radiator design uses two diaphragms placed back-to-back to offset sound waves for clearer distortion-free audio.

The HUAWEI Sound Joy also adopts a 2-way speaker system to deliver loud high-frequencies and deep bass. This system includes one tweeter and one speaker unit dedicated for mids and lows, respectively. Combined, they produce clearer and more penetrating audio. Despite a small sound cavity of 0.25L, the HUAWEI Sound Joy can go as loud as 79dBA@2m.

Designed for on-the-go
Measuring 202mm high and weighing 680g with a diameter of 73mm, the HUAWEI Sound Joy is easy to carry around like a water bottle, whether it is a picnic at the lake, hiking in a national park, or cycling around the city. HUAWEI Sound Joy is a great companion that lets consumers bring their favourite tunes to any outdoor event.

Outstanding battery life and fast charging
The large 8800mAh battery in the HUAWEI Sound Joy provides a long-lasting battery life of 26 hours on one full charge. Even when the battery is running low, the 40W fast charging lets users power up HUAWEI Sound Joy quickly and safely. With just a 10-minute charge, the speaker can play for another hour. It only takes 3 hours to fill up the battery from empty.

Play smarter with HUAWEI Sound Joy
HUAWEI Sound Joy comes packed with smart features that let users enjoy more on various occasions. Shake Stereo Link Up function lets two units of HUAWEI Sound Joy to be paired and connected to form a stereo system for a more immersive and exciting audio experience. Thanks to One-Touch Transfer, users can easily connect their devices to the speaker and instantly transfer media between them. All they need is to place the device against the top of the HUAWEI Sound Joy. By pressing the Voice Assistant button, users can send requests to the voice assistant on their smartphone or tablet, even if it’s not a Huawei device, turning the HUAWEI Sound Joy into a smart assistant.

Playback and volume control is made smarter as well. HUAWEI Sound Joy’s HUAWEI Watch Control feature lets users easily pause or skip songs and turn up/down volume level from their wrists. Thanks to the Automatic Discovery feature, users can connect a smartphone or laptop or tablet nearby to the HUAWEI Sound Joy with a few taps on the pop-up window that appears on their devices. It doesn’t require a cable or combing through the settings menu on the devices. The new speaker also comes with a multi-colour ring for pleasing lighting effects.

Pricing and availability in the UAE:
The HUAWEI Sound Joy in Spruce Green and Obsidian Black will arrive in UAE stores starting 10th March at a price of AED 599, with a special gift – original HUAWEI Backpack worth AED 149.

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