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Taking meetings to the next level with LG

Business teams are now able to collaborate more closely during meetings through the advanced new ProBeam range of laser projectors from LG. This new generation of projectors blend a whole host of exciting features such as high-quality image quality, connectivity and portability making them the ideal choice to deliver presentations during a business meeting, and more. The latest series of ProBeam projectors including BU50NST, BU60PST, BF50NST and BF60PST have been carefully designed to meet the needs of a wide range of uses and settings.

ProBeam BU50NST
The ProBeam BU50NST employs a 4K UHD high resolution laser projector to ensure crisp visuals while its 5,000 lumens provide plenty of brightness no matter how dark the setting is. The easily portable device has a life of up to 20,000 hours and comes with wireless and Bluetooth connections.

ProBeam BF50NST
The ProBeam BF50NST laser projector has a WUXGA display resolution of 1,920×1,200 with 5,000 ANSI Lumens brightness for greater clarity of images, HDR10 technology and a 20,000-hour life. Its discrete design is powered by the innovative webOS 4.5 while wireless and Bluetooth connection provide users with a wide range of options it can be linked to.

ProBeam BU60PST
Meanwhile, the ProBeam BU60PST has a 4K UHD laser projector that not only delivers pristine image quality but with 6000 lumen provides the highest brightness levels for the ProBeam range.

ProBeam BF60PST
Known to fit any business meeting or conference, the ProBeam BF60PST is easy to install. With one single, long-distance cable, it can hold five different signals at most for the transmission of high-definition audio & video. The ProBeam BF60PST features a smart wireless connection for ease of mind. Individuals can share screen and sound conveniently with wireless Miracast support and browse the internet through webOS.

These features make the devices the ideal choice to use as tools to transform dull meetings into compelling business seminars and conferences. The projectors have connectivity built into their design and as such users can link to a company or event location facility network from both wireless and wired connection points. That means there is no need for a laptop, which removes a layer of complexity that allows users to focus more on delivering the best possible presentation rather than worry about how to connect the projector to a computer.

The ProBeam projectors also allow users to directly open Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel files from a USB stick using their built-in Office viewer. Add in screen sharing and screen mirroring and it is much easier to project presentation content from different sources devices running Windows or Android operating systems.

“As more and more of us return to schools, universities and businesses we are again taking part in in-person meetings. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that participants are easily able to follow along and clearly understand what is being said. Through LG’s ProBeam projectors users have the confidence to create stunning presentations that captivate their audience with high-definition image quality,” said Afzal Aboobacker, Product Manager from LG.

Although online meetings have become popular in recent years, businesses are now realising the importance of conducting presentations in-person. Previously limited technology resulted in presenters having to deal with poor visuals and difficult to read text. That is no longer the case with the LG ProBeam. These devices allow users to be much more imaginative in their presentations that in turn hold their audience’s attention for longer. These projectors are the ideal assistant for a teacher during a lesson, a businessman in a client meeting, a project leader updating his colleagues and much more. With LG’s ProBeam projectors meetings will become informative, captivating and creative.

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