Switch offers e-scooters with high specifications

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Switch offers e-scooters with high specifications

Switch is a brand dedicated to bringing its loyal customers the latest gadgets and providing a unique customization experience. In 2022 we see Switch launch two scooters – the Switch Scooter and the Switch Scooter Pro to satisfy customers’ transportation needs.

Both Switch Scooter and Switch Scooter Pro have a unique design with detachable battery which makes it so easy to charge! Both have cruise control options that allow you to travel at a comfortable speed without extra effort. Together with these features, both Switch Scooter and Switch Scooter Pro have a mobile app where customers can set their preferences within the setting.

Switch Scooter is an affordable scooter within the Switch range that still has a powerful motor of 350W that allows you to travel with up to 25 km/h speed. It has solid 8.5″ honeycomb tires that don’t need maintenance and 7.5A battery, can accommodate journeys up to 30 km in distance, making the daily commute to work or to the shops fun.

Switch Scooter Pro is an advanced scooter that can compete with market’s most famous brands. It has a very powerful motor of 450W that allows you to reach a top speed of 30 km/hour. Switch Scooter Pro has two batteries (7.5A*2) that can last up to 60 km in distance (which can take you from Deira to Mina Jabel Ali). This scooter has shock resistant 9.5″ pneumatic tires which makes a ride on speed bumps and uneven roads surfaces more comfortable. With a ZERO starting speed!

Switch Scooter and Switch Scooter Pro both have ability to carry a weight of MAX 120 kg, which is top of the class in the category! All this makes it one of the strongest scooters in the category. Both have an easy folding mechanism for easy transportation in your car boot.

The Switch Scooter and Switch Scooter Pro are available now at Axiom Telecom retail outlets and at JustSwitch.com.