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NFT-based play-to-earn game, Ankots of Misteria launched on HUAWEI CLOUD

The beta version of the NFT-based, play-to-earn game Ankots of Misteria (AoM) has launched on HUAWEI CLOUD, promising gaming enthusiasts in the Middle East a new, exciting and rewarding gaming experience. The launch comes as NFT gaming or play-to-earn games are becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East.

AoM explores the monster battling genre. Unique in its gameplay style, it is the only round-based strategy title in the market and follows a similar style of auto-battler gameplay as the hugely popular Web 2.0 game Teamfight Tactics. By featuring in-game characters, virtual lands and battle equipment as NFTs that are cleverly interconnected with their in-game utility, AoM offers a high ceiling of skilled gameplay and competitive playability.

AoM is the latest chain game to be launched on HUAWEI CLOUD, the industry-leading cloud platform. Huawei’s public cloud service brand delivers elastic cloud servers, cloud databases, security, software development services, and scenario-based solutions to global customers, the ideal platform for complex, graphic-intensive games targeting global audiences.

Frank Dai, President, HUAWEI CLOUD Middle East, said, “Gaming is immensely popular in the Middle East, and play-to-earn space is growing rapidly in this region. The resources and versatility of HUAWEI CLOUD create opportunities for developers in all scenarios and therefore, we are excited to contribute to this revolutionary gaming experience through our collaboration with AoM. We shall continue to welcome such publishers to leverage our long-standing ICT expertise and create and promote games in the future.”

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