SeaBubbles showcases its flying capsule

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SeaBubbles showcases its flying capsule

SeaBubbles’ capsule of innovation has met its spatial counterparts at the 2nd edition of the Future Innovation Summit – the first event on Space, Sustainability and the Metaverse in the UAE.

With the goals in common, Seabubbles and space capsules need to embark the highest energetical density with high-performance motors in the lightest weight possible in order to defy gravity and fly.

The Future Innovation Summit is being held at Meydan Hotel on May 11th and 12th for two days of in-depth exploration of various topics such as the NFTs, Climate Change, Healthcare, Energy, Sustainability, and Robotics under the prism of technological and industrial evolutional shifts.

Along with the intervention of UAE space odyssey emblem Hazza Al Mansouri, participants will showcase their solutions and aspirations for shaping a more resilient and connected world.

Virginie Seurat, SVP of Seabubbles, the first flying boat powered by hydrogen, said, “A new emission-free mobility is possible if cutting-edge innovations are developed to support the ecological transition.”

“The UAE economy is leveraging talents in all sectors to deploy the potential of technology applied to the global transition. We are nesting initiatives and R&D capacities to be of service for the next chapter in our evolution. Events like the Future Innovation Summit are milestones for entrepreneurs and institutional actors. Old and new, we cradle all game-changing projects such as SeaBubbles!” said Adnan Al Noorani, Founder of the Future Innovation Summit and a Chairman of the Board of the Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi.

Mrs Seurat said, “It is reassuring to see that all actions are converging in the same direction, every plan seems to fit others and researches are aligned with the goal of reducing our global carbon footprint. Being invited to the Future Innovation Summit is an honour for SeaBubbles and excellent news for the industry at large. We are all making the changes that will define the landscapes and cityscapes of the world we will leave to our future generations.”

SeaBubbles’ core values go towards the service of excellence in engineering for the world of tomorrow. Their capsule of innovation is an iconic eight to twelve-seater hybrid electro-hydrogen flying boat, which the deployment of a fleet on the territory can rapidly lead to highly-qualified jobs in the fields of fabrication, integration, maintenance, and operation and piloting.