Auditions open for aspiring Arabic singers from August 21

Auditions open for aspiring Arabic singers from August 21

The highly anticipated 14th edition of Sharjah Munshid will kick off on Sunday, August 21, as it sets the stage for the discovery of a new group of singing sensations from across the Arab world.
Organised by Sharjah TV, an affiliate of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA), the programme has become a magnet for attracting talented vocalists and offers an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring ‘munshids’ practising the Islamic-inspired musical genre of ‘anashid’ to showcase their singing skills. The platform has served as the launch pad for the musical careers of several exceptional young vocal talents since its debut edition in 2006.

Daily auditions
The 2022 edition of Sharjah Munshid will conduct live auditions between August 21 – September 4 for applicants in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, and the UAE.  As per the programme’s tradition, a jury comprising previous winners of Sharjah Munshid will evaluate the abilities and performances of the contestants.

Online auditions
Aspiring singers can participate in the upcoming edition by sending a video of their performances to the official website:, between August 20 and September 3, 2022.

Commenting on the 14th edition, Salem Ali Al Ghaithi, Director of Sharjah TV, said “Sharjah Munshid has become a destination for exceptionally talented ‘munshids’ to showcase their prowess in a meaningful art and compete against counterparts from around the Arab world and learn different forms of singing. The programme which has a huge following enables participants to return to their home countries and highlight the art and the important messages it carries.”

In the following rounds, munshids from the various countries who have been short-listed will travel to Sharjah for a live broadcast of their performances. The programme’s episodes will shine further light on the newly discovered talents, the audition process, and selection criteria before moving into the second round of the competition which will decide the winner of the 2022 edition.