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Mycandy announces new range of wireless speakers and wireless earbuds

Mycandy, today announced the release of their new range of Wireless Speakers and Wireless Earbuds, perfect for the audiophile in all of us! These audio units are built keeping in mind the highest standards of quality, for an impeccable sound, so you can dance to the rhythm of your beat. Choose from a wide range of wireless speakers and wireless earphones, and enhance your sonic experience.

Mycandy has a wide range of wireless speakers, for every tempo imaginable. Carry your vibe wherever you venture, with the portable 5W or 10W speakers, with up to 12 hours of battery life and an FM Radio function, giving a multi-purpose experience for the utilitarian in you.

Alternatively, get the 30W speaker, which comes with a 14-hour battery life and an NFC touch n pair feature, which allows you to easily share the speaker with your mates, making it ideal for all those house parties.

For outdoor family adventurers, the 60W speakers are your best bet. Stream music wirelessly with a bluetooth-compatible device of your choice, and liven up your family barbecue nights, camping trips, or what have you.

Along with the TWS feature, all our speakers are certifiably waterproof, adding a layer of protection to quality sound you know you deserve.

In addition to that, for the lone wolves who want to explore their sound on their own, Mycandy also boasts a collection of wireless earphones. The TWS series has earphones for multiple purposes. From the gamer to the city hustler, unplug and find your voice with the TWS series of noise-cancelling earbuds.

For the e-sports performers, the TWS215 Gaming Earbuds have a gaming mode which provides an ultra-low latency mode to ensure that there’s no delay in audio transmission when playing your favourite games.

The TWS225 Earbuds are designed keeping your comfort and style in mind. Every earbud operates for up to 4 hours on a single charge and supports ‘master-slave switching’. This allows you to freely connect/switch between the left, right and both earbuds. They are also equipped with a premium audio driver as well as an enhanced hands-free mic to provide crystal clear conversations. Features intuitive touch-controls for call and music handling.

For those who place a premium on total acoustic attenuation, the TWS275 comes with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature, which first detects and analyses external noise and then generates then generating a ‘reverse signal’ to cancel it, allowing you to truly unplug from your surroundings and find your sound.

If that isn’t enough, all Mycandy products come with a 2-year limited warranty, as a statement of impeccable quality, making this the perfect, fashionable choice for all your music needs! Get your choice of speakers and earbuds from Mycandy here today.

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