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Poly unveils Android based Studio X family of video bars

Poly announced that its award-winning Studio X family of video bars will be the first Android-based, single codec video appliances for Google Meet. The Studio X Family joins Poly’s growing list of devices certified for Google Meet, Google Voice, and Chrome OS, so users can look and sound their best on every call.

The entire Poly Studio X family, including Poly Studio X30, Studio X50, Studio X70, and the TC8 controller (an intuitive 8” high-resolution touch display that lets Google Meet customers access meetings with ease) will be the first Android-based appliances to offer a native Google Meet experience and deliver a streamlined, purpose-built experience for any meeting room.

Each video bar in the Poly Studio X family features smart, broadcast-quality video for meeting rooms of all sizes with innovative capabilities, including:

  •        Poly DirectorAI – Smart camera technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver real-time automatic transitions, framing, and tracking
  •        Audio innovations such as NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies that block-out unwanted background noise.
  •        People framing – A Poly DirectorAI feature that gives an up-close view of each meeting participant, Poly is the only partner that delivers people framing with advanced AI capabilities for Google Meet (available on the Studio X70)

“Poly’s innovation across their pro-grade audio and video solutions are the ultimate equalizers for a consistently great meeting experience, which is why we chose to partner with Poly as the first Android-based video appliances certified for Google Meet,” said David Citron Director of Google Meet and Voice. “Together, we are committed to equipping today’s hybrid workforce with the technology that takes meetings to the next level.”

“Poly and Google Workspace are celebrating this milestone of providing an intuitive and powerful enterprise-grade video conferencing solution for Google Meet customers,” said Chris Moss, Head of Product and Portfolio Management, at Poly, “We share a common vision of providing an immersive and equitable meeting experience for all participants by reimagining the future of meetings and the hybrid collaboration experience.”

The Poly Studio X family provides a first-of-its-kind comprehensive room solution for Google Meet rooms of all sizes (Studio X30 for small rooms, Studio X50 for medium rooms, Studio X70 for large rooms), featuring:

  • Full HD video with Poly DirectorAI smart camera experiences
  • Room-filling audio and crystal-clear microphone pickup
  • Poly USB Device Mode for multi-platform flexibility
  • Dual display (X50/X70) to see both people and content fullscreen
  • One-touch click to join via TC8 controller
  • Managed by Poly Lens and Google Workspace
  • Highly secure with a hardened operating system, secure update distribution, and third-party testing for security vulnerabilities

According to a recent report issued by Frost & Sullivan[i], top concerns as it relates to the future of hybrid work are lack of meeting equity, lack of proper technology, and distractions at home. Poly’s suite of pro-grade audio and video gear is designed to eliminate distracting background noise and deliver total meeting equity.

Poly offers a wide range of Google Cloud-certified solutions that provide users with flexibility and choice, regardless of location or workstyle, including:

  • Google Meet: Poly Studio USB video bar and Poly Studio P5 personal webcam, as well as Voyager headsets and Poly Sync speakerphones are part of our list of collaboration devices certified for Google Meet.
  • Google Voice: Poly offers a long list of devices certified for Google Voice and is proud to be the exclusive desk phone manufacturer certified to Work with Google Voice. Our Google Voice portfolio also includes headsets, speakerphones, and the Poly Studio P5 webcam.
  • Chrome OS: Poly’s portfolio of devices certified to work with Chromebook includes headsets from the Blackwire, Encore Pro, and Savi headset families, and also includes video conferencing gear like the Poly Studio P15 for focus rooms and personal spaces.

All Poly devices certified for Google Meet and Google Voice are supported by the Poly Lens App on PC and Mac, which allows IT managers to troubleshoot, push software updates, and remotely manage devices. Poly Lens App support will be available for ChromeOS devices in Q2 2023.

Poly Studio X family certified for Google Meet will be available worldwide in January 2023. All other certified devices listed above are currently available.

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