etisalat by e& launches new fitness and wellness platform

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etisalat by e& launches new fitness and wellness platform

etisalat by e&, today announced its foray into the consumer digital health space with the launch of ‘GoWell,’ a fitness and wellness platform. ‘GoWell’ is designed to empower subscribers to achieve their health and wellness goals while receiving a series of rewards and cashback incentives.

As people turn to digital solutions to help them manage their health and fitness goals on the go, the launch of ‘GoWell’ for all, including health enthusiasts and change seekers, will allow them to use technology to improve their health outcomes. The launch is also part of etisalat by e&’s plans to have a 360-degree approach for the eHealth domain starting with fitness and wellness, followed by teleconsultations to be included in the next phase of the platform.

GoWell helps customer assess health through personalised goals by tracking progress syncing all other health devices and apps as well as get rewarded for it.

Khaled El Khouly, Chief Consumer Officer, etisalat by e& said “Backing our transformation to a digital telco is our commitment to continue delivering enhanced customer experiences by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in every sector. The healthcare industry, particularly, has witnessed unprecedented digital transformation post-pandemic, driven by the need for innovation so as to accelerate value-based care models and focus on more value creation.

“As a telco, our connectivity services and network solutions have powered up hospitals and the healthcare system in the country, delivering a major positive impact on the lives of patients and caregivers. GoWell is part of our long-term plan to serve our customers as they look to embrace a complete holistic approach when it comes to taking care of their health and wellbeing. By bringing about a positive change in consumers’ lives in this digitalisation era, GoWell will help them build healthy habits by establishing and executing a list of easy daily activities that they can access through the app’s tracking platform while being rewarded at the same time.”

GoWell is designed in partnership with Vitality Global, leaders in wellness and behavioral change with a global technology platform , and Accenture, one of the leading firms in services, business and experience design capabilities.

Every achievement on the platform is rewarded with a wide variety of lifestyle awards as well as a unique opportunity for cashback on smart watches. Customers have a chance to earn and redeem instant rewards when achieving their weekly active goals from partners. Monthly paybacks on fitness wearable devices is another great value add when users activate the device payback feature. In addition, one can enjoy up to AED 700 cashback on the purchase price of a fitness device from Etisalat.

The platform  is free for the first 14 days of registration, with an opportunity to be a part of ongoing competitions during Dubai Fitness Challenge, Dubai 30×30, to win prizes, including smart wearables. Subscribers can renew their subscription at the end of the free trial by purchasing the subscription at AED 25 per month. Registrations are open  now  at