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BIOSTAR introduces Z790A-SILVER motherboard

BIOSTAR introduced its premier SILVER series, the Z790A-SILVER motherboard that is built around the Intel Z790 platform, the Z790A-SILVER is a masterful piece of tech designed to serve gamers, content creators, and casual users faithfully.

With support for 12th/ 13th Generation Intel Core processors, a quad DIMM DDR5 ram interface, and a PCIe 5.0×16 slot tailored for that beastly new graphics card, make it the ideal choice for a hardy gaming rig that turns average gamers into true champions. 

As an expansion of BIOSTAR’s RACING series motherboard range, the Z790A-SILVER carries a robust build and styling handed down by its predecessors, showcasing the classic RACING stripes on its PCB and the Silver colored cooling blocks.

PCIe M.2 4.0 and SATA III (6Gb/s) are the chosen storage technology for the Z790A-SILVER motherboard. They are highly stable and efficient for any given task, with superior USB 3.2 (Gen2) type-C and USB 3.2 (Gen2) type-A ports for blisteringly fast data transfers. 

BIOSTAR’s intelligent safety features are a given on their SILVER series motherboards, and the Z790A is no exception. BIOSTAR’s innovative DIGITAL PWM technology and Dr. MOS integrated driver ICs provide superior power delivery, power efficiency, and enhanced performance at higher switching frequencies.

Furthermore, M.2 Cooling Protection, ESD Protection, and OC / OV / OH Protection keep the system from overheating and critical electrical malfunctions, extending its hardware lifespan greatly. 

The Z790A-SILVER motherboard uses Realtek’s RTL8125B LAN chipset supported by BIOSTAR’s 2.5Guard, featuring 2.5x higher data transfer speeds with electrical surge and lightning discharge protection.  

1 x HDMI Port (HDMI 2.1) and 1 x DP Port (DP1.2) provided for vivid, 4K video output are some of the feature highlights of the Z790A-SILVER motherboard’s rear I/O panel. BIOSTAR has paid extra attention to detail towards user-friendly functionality, including 1 x SMART BIOS UPDATE Button and a SMART BIOS USB Port for users to update their essential BIOS patches without hassle. 

To conclude, the Z790A-SILVER is BIOSTAR’s top-selling gaming motherboard, designed for highly competitive users who look for the best-performance motherboard capable of unleashing the full potential of the latest processors, graphics cards, and RAMs on the market.

More info about Z790A-SILVERhttps://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=1088

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