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BIOSTAR launches new motherboard

BIOSTAR announced the release of its latest motherboard, BIOSTAR TB85 that is designed with good power management and made to last. The new motherboard features multiple expansion slots to allow usage of multiple cards simultaneous for maximum efficiency for cryptocurrency mining.

The BIOSTAR TB85 supports 4th-generation Intel 1150 processors and allows home users, gamers and businesses to take advantage of its wide feature set for work or play. With up to 6 PCI-e slots, user can maximize their motherboard for cryptocurrency mining and earn back your investment quickly.

The BIOSTAR TB85 is made to last featuring X.D.C. solid capacitors with a VRM heatsink installed for more efficient cooling of the motherboard components. The board features Intel Small Business Advantage allowing users to monitor the status of their motherboard as well other security features to protect their mining investment.

With armor-plated BIOSTAR Technology, all capacitors are placed with 100% solid capacitors that have a lasting life cycle, durability and stability for crucial components.

PCI-E 3.0 is the next evolution of the ubiquitous and general-purpose PCI Express I/O standard. At 8GT/s bit rate, the interconnect performance bandwidth is doubled over PCI-E 2.0, while preserving compatibility with software and mechanical interfaces.


Specialized circuit design detects overvoltage and surges to your BIOSTAR motherboard and actively cuts off overvoltage supply to protect the system. Over-current protects the motherboard from damage when high-current is detected. Heat protection adds another layer of protection by detecting high heat from the motherboard and CPU to avoid burn damage.

This motherboard features exclusive BIOSTAR 6+ Experience feature offers: Speed+, Audio+, Video+, Durable+, Protection+ and DIY+.

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